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Music.  It’s important to our lives, isn’t it?  In a previous post, I wrote about how music has the power to create memories and to have us associate strong emotions with certain songs.  I know it’s like that for me.  However, I find that these days I don’t go “out of my way” to listen to music.  I don’t have a stereo.  I have a MP3 player but I don’t have speakers to hook it up to and I really don’t like having earphones/buds in so I don’t use it unless I’m in the car and that’s usually only on long car trips.  I’ve allowed myself to ignore music, for the most part.

What are some of the important songs from my life?  That’s a tough one to answer because there are so many that are important to me for different reasons, not all of which are  in and of themselves important times/moments in my life.  And there are others that are important because I associate them with certain people that have meant a lot to me but I would rather not go into those.  Although I will say that I have created my own ringtones for my phone and associated them with specific people so when I hear California Girls on my phone I know it’s my eldest daughter who is the original California Girl…or at least til we moved to Oregon…but you know the saying “you can take the girl out of California but you can’t take the California out of the girl”!  When my youngest calls, I hear Suzie Q playing on my phone…that’s her name, Susie…and you know I love the way she talks and the way she walks, I love that Suzie Q!  Then there’s my son who works for Amazon and gifted me with my first Kindle.  He leads a hectic life running from work to home to athletic events to friends’ homes, etc.  And when he’s not running from one place to another, he takes it upon himself to be the helper-of-all-who-need-help and the host-to-all-who-have-no-place-else-to-go.  His ringtone is the music from an early Kindle commercial, a fun, energetic, and whimsical tune.

I find that songs pop into my head randomly.  This morning, I kept singing Smoke Gets In Your Eyes as I read reports about a forest fire burning up the road from me.  A couple of weeks ago, as I left my mother’s house to drive the 1000 miles back home, it was Willie’s On the Road Again that I couldn’t get out of my head, and that’s okay because that’s a great song so I didn’t mind.  On Sunday’s, the first thing I think of is Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson singing  Sunday Morning Coming Down.  No, I’m not hung over, the title just sort of fits with Sunday mornings.  You get the picture…random songs…or maybe not so random.

Then there are the songs that I can’t stand to hear anymore because of the memories associated with them.  Samba Pa Ti.  When A Man Loves A Woman.  Is That You?  You’re Still A Young Man.  Yeah, I almost can’t even think of the titles without the negative feelings flooding over me.

Yup.  Music is strong; powerful.  It can lift us up and it can bring us down.  Sometimes it’s just too difficult to think of those songs and so we shield ourselves, going through a music-less world.  But not really.  Just around the corner you’ll see something that will bring it back and that music will be right back in your heart and in your mind–like it or not!

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