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We got snow again on Wednesday, the second time in just under a week. This time we got at least 4 inches outside my door. Not much but enough to make it messy on the roads.

My daughter asked me to babysit for just about an hour so I ran out the door with just my canvas shoes. We weren’t supposed to get snow for several hours. But then she got home and asked me to go to the grocery store with her, for a “quick trip.”  I went. That turned in to a Target trip, then Costco, then the grocery store. By then, it had been snowing for three hours, steady, windy, snow. We were five minutes from home but it was very messy out there and that’s about the time everyone decided to go home before it got worse. That five minute trip home took us an hour and five minutes. That included my daughter taking a less traveled street to “beat the traffic” and then spinning out. We hit a fence which was lucky because just an inch further and we would have hit a power pole. It’s very strange to watch it happening and know you are going to hit but not be able to do anything to avert it.

We’re okay. Here car is mostly okay. She says it’s not worth the deductible. But that was in the dark. We’ll see what she thinks in daylight. I’m sore. All over. Mostly my knee and neck, though.

Then we got home and we were supposed to make tamales (that was what the stop at the grocery store was for) which should have been finished withing a very few hours. However, things move slowly there. 🙂  So we didn’t actually start assembling them until after midnight. They brought me home about two this morning. I went right to sleep. I was exhausted as I had been up since four in the morning so that meant about twenty-two hours awake!

We got more snow overnight and this morning. I haven’t been out there today. In fact, all I’ve done is get dressed and had coffee. I’m sore all over. I haven’t heard from my daughter today. I guess I should check on them. Maybe she’s still asleep. I know she’s probably still sleeping. The boys’ dad is home until Monday so he can take care of all of them today.

We are supposed to go to Peacock Lane tonight. It’s a short street, about three or so blocks, where all the houses (mostly Tudor style) are decorated very nicely. It’s a pedestrian night. However, it’s supposed to be cold (well, it hasn’t warmed up, we’re still at freezing temps) and icy so we probably won’t go. That’s fine but I wish it would not be icy so we could take the boys. I know they would love it. And we’re supposed to be under very similar freezing temps until Sunday so it would be good to get out for just a little bit. But no spinning out this time!

The spin out incident triggered another memory which I will tell you about next time. Right now I’m headed to the kitchen for something warm.

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Snow Day


Well, the predicted storm was not a bust. It was right on time. Weather Guy said snow would arrive between 11 am and 1 pm and right at 11:10, it started. Slow, steady. Now, less than three hours later, in my yard we have a little over an inch. It’s still snowing. The wind is blowing. The temp is steady at 31 to 32 degrees.  I checked in with my daughter and she’s at home, no work today, so I’m relieved about that. I can relax a bit.

I chose to stay at my house so it’s nice and quiet. I’m debating if I want to bake some cookies or just veg out.

For those that get a lot of snow, this seems like nothing but here, where we don’t often get more than a dusting of snow, we just aren’t prepared. The city of Portland owns very few snow plows and they just can’t keep up with the snow if we get more than a half inch. They also don’t own de-icing trucks. And then there is the fact that people see that it’s pretty out there so they go out in it and end up crashing their car, getting stuck in the elements, freezing, or otherwise causing problems for themselves and others. So this is a big deal, especially because they expect it to turn to a thick layer of ice (an inch or more) this evening, with little change in the temperature to do anything to melt it.


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Pre Christmas 2008

My first December in Portland has been very interesting.  I was prepared for the rain but not for snow.  At least not in the amounts we have gotten.

The first snow storm came through on Sunday and dropped a couple of inches in downtown Portland and as much as 8 inches in the areas surrounding.  I got six inches at my house.  Portland doesn’t get a lot of snow so city services are not really prepared for what falls, nor are Portland area drivers and residents.  I don’t think people expected the weather forecasters to be as right on about the weather report as they were.  As a result, Portland has basically been shut down since Sunday.  Today more people were able to get out.  I got out and as far as the Post Office about six miles from home.  At that point my car started skidding so I promptly turned around and came back home.

Now people believe the report for the next storm which is supposed to drop twice as much snow as Sunday’s storm along with ice and rain over a two day period.  That’s supposed to begin early Wednesday morning.  People are trying to get chains and/or snow tires but guess what?  The stores are out of them.  The demand has far exceeded the supply and even Les Schwab’s warehouse is empty.  They’re hoping to get more in Wednesday or Thursday.

And that’s not all.  There is a third storm coming on Sunday/Monday which is expected to leave twice as much snow as the Wednesday storm.

Luckily, I got groceries on Friday and made tamales on Saturday so I’m set as far as food goes.  However I have Christmas shopping to do that probably won’t get done now.  I also wanted to buy a dining room table and chairs so we can have Christmas lunch (my daughter catches a plane on Christmas afternoon so we have to make it a lunch) sitting at a table.  That might not happen either.

I was telling my son about this on the phone last night and he reminded me of another Christmas when we didn’t eat at a table.  One year I had everything ready for the kids and I to eat Christmas dinner and I had asked the kids to clear the dining room table and get it ready as I did the cooking.  I asked them several times but they never got around to it.  When it was time to set the table, they hadn’t cleared it off and everyone was starving.  I didn’t want to fight with them so I figured I wouldn’t make a big deal.  We resorted to an “indoor picnic”!  We had done this before when it was wet out so this year we did it for Christmas.  We got the plastic liners for our table cloths and put them on the floor in the living room and then put the linen table cloth over the liners.  We set the table, on the floor, using our good china and crystal, just as if we were sitting at the table.  That year we had an indoor picnic in the living room, next to the Christmas tree then when dinner was over, we played Scrabble and just took it easy.  No pressure.  It turned out quite well.

This year we may be having an indoor picnic again, but for different reasons.  I guess it really doesn’t matter as long as we’re all together.

It was tough to get my son and daughter’s schedules to work so they could fly up here for Christmas but we did it.  Now, the only really tough thing will be getting them to the airport to pick them up!

Anyone in the Portland area have a van or SUV with snow tires or chains willing to make a trip to the airport on Sunday night?

Santa?  Wanna led your sleigh?

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