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Have you heard of Buy Nothing groups? I’ve been in one But Nothing group or another since 2017. Currently, I admin my local group.

If you haven’t heard about these groups, they are free, hyper local Facebook groups that try to keep as much as possible or of the landfills. They do this by having members gift their no longer needed items to those in the group that can use them.

These groups can save members a lot of cash. Personally, I haven’t bought a pair of shoes since I joined But Nothing give years ago. The same goes for purses and tote bags. And a lot of other things.

My regular readers know that I have grandchildren. I love to bring them a little surprise it treat when I visit. I don’t have a lot of money as my entire income consists of Social Security disabled benefits that barely cover my rent and utilities. Instead of buying items, I find things for them in my Buy Nothing group. The boys each have 3D pens and accessories that I was able to get for them not too long ago. And a lot of L’egos!

Maya is five. She gets a lot. She lives Minnie Mouse and so I find a lot of Minnie Mouse things for her, including clothes and shoes, books, and toys. This past week I was able to find her a Barbie house (40 inches tall), a Minute Missed dress, Minnie ears, a sparkly Minnie hair clip, and more! She was ecstatic and I was so glad to be able to treat her with items that were totally free to me!

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Yup! A new grand baby made me smile this past week. She was born on the 26th which was her actual due date! We had sort oped she would come a day early so she would share my birthday but that’s okay, she is here and she and mama are safe!

My daughter didn’t tell us the baby was here until the next day! Baby didn’t have a name until she was discharged on Wednesday.

The funny thing is that they hadn’t told anyone at all the name they were thinking of. On Tuesday night I had a dream that the baby was named Spirit. On Wednesday afternoon, my daughter messaged that they had banned the baby Alma Luz which means Spirit Light in Spanish. She’s a beautiful baby but I don’t have my daughter’s okay to share pictures so I can’t post any to prove it, you’ll have to take my word for it!😃

So this week brought a new granddaughter, bringing the total of my grandchildren to six. And I got another one of those uncanny dreams that I get sometimes.

What made you smile this week? Stop by Trent’s blog and let us know if drop a link to your post there.

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October’s End

It seems that it’s over before I got a chance to enjoy it. One day it was October first then overnight it’s the thirty-first.

Halloween piñata after the kids had their way with it.

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Well, I’ve been missing. It seems that every time I think things will get better, I am wrong. My life these days seems to belong to someone else. I am not able to plan or to relax or think. Instead, I seem to be alive solely to babysit and make things easier for others.

I know that sounds pretty negative, which is unlike me, but it’s true.

And it’s December already.

One thing… one tiny glimmer of light…one rain to smile. She (who shall not be named) says she is taking the kids to a sitter three days a week so that I will only have to watch them two days a week, plus some weekend time. Soon. But soon enough but soon. Now that’s my reason to smile because I know it’s actually happening. In fact, this coming week I’ll only watch them three days.

What has made you smile?

Check out Trent’s blog for #theweeklysmile.

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This week, Spencer who is four and pretty much wants to be exactly like his big brother, came home from pre-school and I asked him for a hug. He shook his head. I asked please and he smiled and said  “no hug.” So I pretended to cry and said I was sad because I needed a hug and no one would give me one. He put down everything on his lap and in his hands, got off the couch and came to be and put his arms around my neck. He hugged me for a long, long time and he had the sweetest smile. That one made me smile enough for the whole week.

However, on Tuesday night, Anderson spent the night. When he sleeps over, he wants to sleep in my bed even though there is a twin bed in the spare room. So he was watching TV and I was reading when he asked me if he could have hot chocolate. As I struggled to get off the bed I said, “Nana’s getting old, Anderson.” To which he said, “Yeah that means you’re going to die soon because when people get old, they die.” I asked him what he would do when I die because I wouldn’t be here anymore and he couldn’t see me. He stopped and looked at me and his eyes got all teary and then he smiled and said, “I know! I’m going to make a wish that you will never ever die!”

Pretty neat smiles if you ask me!

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A lot of things made me smile this week but things haven’t worked out so that I could write them up until now. That’s because I’ve had a particularly bad time, health-wise, and ended up back on pain killers and muscle relaxants when I had stopped needing them. With luck, that’s over and it will be better, although I seem to be overdoing things and ending up in pain again but I am going to try to do less for the next few days.

As usual, most of my smiles have been courtesy of my grandchildren! Kids really do liven things up and make me happy.

Anderson and Spencer are used to going to the park with me several times a week but I haven’t been able to take them (still not driving) since about a week before my surgery and that was over five weeks ago! Spencer keeps asking me if I can take him some place and I keep saying I can’t drive yet. He couldn’t understand why I couldn’t drive because I was back from the hospital where they had “made nana feel better.”  One day he saw the incision with all of the staples still in there. After that, he understood. Every time he saw me he would ask me to show him my “owie” and I would let him see it and he would say something about no driving yet. Then he went with me to get the staples out and thought I would be able to drive him right away but he saw that I was still using my cane and still in pain so he waited. I didn’t see him for two days and then when I saw him, he ran up to me and pulled my shirt up so he could see my “owie” and said it was better but “I going to wait til that part has no more tape then you can drive and take me somewhere.” That made me smile. I didn’t have to say anything, he just knew it wasn’t time yet.

Then there was Anderson (7 years old) who no longer likes to hug me or let me hug him but when he didn’t see me for three days, he ran up and hugged me! Another smile!

And Maya who is just six months old made me smile when she practically jumped out of her swing when she heard my voice and wouldn’t settle down until my daughter brought her to me to hold as I sat on the couch (still am not supposed to pick up anything over ten pounds and she’s close to twenty-five).

On Sunday, there were lots of smiles when we all met my son at a nearby park. He lives three hours away but they came to the area to go rafting and we were able to sneak in a short visit before they headed back to Seattle. What was so special about that? Well, for the first time, all four of my grandchildren were in the same place at the same time! That’s pretty smile worthy. We had a good but short visit. One year old Mati was pretty tired and ready for his nap as was Maya so we cut it short but it was a successful meeting of the cousins!

There were other smiles this past week. Some came from old friends who dropped notes or sent emails to check in with me and my progress on the road to recovery. The “old friends” especially make me smile when I think how far we’ve all come from the days we knew each other in high school!

Those were my smiles for the week, at least some of them. What were yours?

The #WeeklySmile is hosted by Trent at Trent’s Place. Stop in and see what is making others smile and maybe share one of yours?

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This has been a really tough eight weeks. Monday’s news was pretty much devastating. I shared it here and on Facebook. I needed the support and I needed to feel like I am not alone.

And my friends and family came through. Aside from all of the comments and well wishes and prayers, I also got some phone calls and emails and private messages from long time friends. We shared some sad words but we also laughed at some of the old memories. That’s what I needed. I needed that link to people: friends, family, and even strangers. Because I live alone and because I don’t want to burden my kids with this, I’ve not really discussed all of this with them, at least not past telling them what the doctor said. I don’t want to see them break down and I don’t want to break down in front of them. So I keep silent except here and on Face Book.

That’s what I need: to feel loved and supported. It made me smile. That’s the key. I’ve always been one to make lemonade out of life’s lemons and I’ll continue to do that. I know it will bring me more smiles and a single smile is worth all the chemo in the world.


The #WeeklySmile is hosted by Trent over on his blog. Why not stop by and check it out. There will be other smiles posted. Maybe you’ll want to share one of yours?

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I carry candy in my purse. That’s because I’m a nana that uses it to treat her boys. They know there is always candy in there. The little one, Spencer, just goes straight into my purse to get it out himself. Sometimes he brings the whole purse to me so I can find him some candy (messy purse) but sometimes he just spots it and grabs it.

Lately, we’ve been having a lot of “no” moments when his mom and I both say no to candy because the boys are about to eat or already had too much sugar or something like that. That’s not what they expect to hear from me but they are getting it more often.

The other day, my daughter had to run an errand so I stayed with the boys. She was in the driveway for a bit, putting things into her trunk. Spencer asked for Mom and I told him she was gone. He looked through the window and pointed out there and showed me that Mom was still there. He kept running back and forth to the window and saying “Mom.” I thought he was asking for her so I just kept repeating that Mom was gone and would be back in a while. Then, I heard her car leave the driveway and he ran to the window. He saw her leave and, with a huge smile, ran straight for my purse and brought it to me saying “pop pop” (lollipop). I had to smile. He knew I was more likely to let him have it when his mom was gone so he waited for her to leave then scored his pop pop!

Join us for Trent’s #WeeklySmile. Come smile with us.

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Kids pick up our speech patterns, words, and phrases quite quickly. You may remember that I have mentioned my three year old grandson, Spencer, who is speech delayed. So hold that thought.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the high dessert because my daughter’s boyfriend had an all day job up there and it’s a long drive, just under four hours in each direction, so it was a “stay over” trip and my daughter wanted me to go to help her with the boys while her boyfriend was at work. Anderson is six and is getting into a stage where he insists on getting his way. It doesn’t work but he keeps trying it. So he wanted some kind of treat and we all said no. We offered a less sugary treat but he said no and again voiced his desire for the sugary treat and when mom and dad said no, he turned to me. I said no, too but this time I added a phrase that I used with my kids all the time, “sorry Charlie.” And as he pouted, Spencer piped up with a big smile on his face and said, “saw we cha we” and we all laughed because it sounded so cute. So now, every time I say it, he smiles wide and says, “saw we cha we.”

It cracks us all up and he gets a big laugh out of making us laugh.

So, this rambunctious three year old had a very active day on Thursday. In less than an hour’s time, he did all of this: brought in a sand pail full of dirt from the planter on their deck and dumped it in the kitchen. My daughter had a fit and sent him out while she swept and ran the vacuum. I was in the next room. When the vacuum went off, I heard her say, “You little monster!” I went in to see what was up and Spencer had come back into the kitchen while she had her back turned vacuuming and had dumped a bucket full of dirt into their cooler, food cooler, which was still out from the trip a few days prior. So he got sent out again while she cleaned up. When she finished cleaning up, she casually looked out the window and I heard her say “What’s the hose doing in my car?!” We both ran out to see Spencer shutting the door to her car with the hose inside of it…with water running out of the car! He was sent inside while my daughter tried to get the water out and dry the seat. Finally, she gave up on drying the seat but managed to get the floor and the inside of the door dried. She came inside to change her now soaked clothes. She was in the bathroom when, all of the sudden, all the lights went out. I turned to see Spencer shutting the door to the circuit box. I went over and my daughter came out and we tried to figure out which ones he had shut off. Spencer came over and showed us…he had pulled the main switch. She fixed it. But was exhausted. I took the boys into the other room so she could breathe for a second. I sat Spencer on my lap and talked to him softly but firmly. I explained that he had made a lot of extra work for his mommy and she was already tired and not feeling well. I asked him if he was sorry and he nodded. So I asked him to go over to his mommy and tell her he was sorry. He walked over to her with a big smile on his face and said:

“Saw we cha we!”


What made you smile this week? Come check out Trent’s Weekly Smile and join us in sharing a few smiles…they’re contagious!

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Some of you will remember my posts about Love Rocks (love-rocks.org). I always have a bucket full of them. I put some in several little drawstring bags and carry one in the car at all times. I also give one to the boys when we go for walks or to the park. They greatly enjoy leaving them for someone to find and when we go by where they placed one and it’s gone, they get SO excited! It makes me happy that they like leaving joyful things for others to find.

Over the weekend, Anderson spent a couple of “sleep overs” with me. On Saturday we went out to pull weeds (his idea, not mine) but they did need to be pulled. Then he decided to put out some love rocks for people to find when they walk by. We went inside and got a bag of rocks to put in the yard. Then he grabbed his sidewalk chalk and started to write. He asked me how to spell “sale” and I told him but I also asked him why he wanted to know. He said he wanted to write that the rocks were for sale. I told them we don’t sell the rocks. They are for giving away. He said,  “That’s what I mean, Nana. They are rocks for sale for free. No money.” He added a picture of a boy with a rock in his hand.

free rocks resized


Come on over to Trent’s Weekly Smile to see what others are smiling about and maybe add your own smile!

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