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‚ÄčLast night,  I dropped off  Tina  and the boys but Spencer didn’t want to stay.  He kept saying “Too. Night night Nana room. Pease.”  I was beat so I hesitated and Tina distracted him so I could leave but he’s Sunday and realized what s going on so he came running  toward my car and tripped and fell. He didn’t want his mommy to pick him up. He wanted me. I picked him up and told Tina to go in and get his Pooh blanket and I bright him home. But he wouldn’t sleep.  He had my laptop, watching a movie (that’s how  he  falls asleep at home) and kept experimenting with the touch screen. Then he fit it off my bed and wandered around, looking at everything. He’s fascinated with electrical stuff and he found an old set of portable speakers I used to use did my iPod. Half an hour  later Tina texted to see if he was asleep and I texted back… 

“I tell you this child is going to go into something he can do with his hands.  He found little portable speakers so I showed him what they do by hooking them up to the laptop. Now he keeps plugging them in and unplugging them.  He’s fascinated and trying to figure out how they work.”

I finally gave  up and drove him home in just his diaper. It was pretty warm out and I was too tired to get him dressed. So today I’m exhausted. I’m going to spend the day reading a friend’s book project until I go  babysit at 8 tonight. 


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