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I got a text from my daughter on Wednesday evening. Maya was sick. It didn’t surprise me because Anderson and Spencer had been sick. In fact, my daughter stayed home with them on Monday but couldn’t miss a second day of work so I went over early Tuesday and stayed with the boys (and Maya). I came home that evening and the boys went to school on Wednesday. So I figured Maya would be getting sick but was hoping it would be on the weekend. That didn’t happen. I drove over super early on Thursday (I had to leave at 5:15 am) and stayed with Maya. She was so sick she didn’t wake up until after ten that morning. But she was sick. Fever, runny nose, watery eyes, the whole thing. And while she could actually have gone to day care sick, we didn’t think that was a good idea. There is a measles epidemic where they live and she has not been vaccinated so we didn’t want her to be more susceptible to it or to spread it if in fact it turned out to be measles. She was happy to see me and she cuddled with me all day, except during her four naps! She usually takes only one but that was another sign that she wasn’t well. I stayed with her again on Friday and she was much better. Still sick but much better.

So where’s the smile? I smiled because I was in a position to go take care of her so she would be more comfortable at home and so my daughter would not have to stay home from work a second day in the same week. That’s a pretty neat position to be in. I’m close enough to them and able to help out. And the bonus is that Maya is so attached to me that she cuddles with me when she’s sick but not with anyone else, not even with her mom. She loves her Nana and feels comfortable and loved and special so that’s a pretty neat thing to smile about!

I won’t tell you who is home with a fever and sniffles and sore throat now! But that’s okay. The Maya Snuggles were worth it!

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The Lost Weekend

Well, first I was told at 1am that I would be needed to babysit at 9.  I’m supposed to not babysit on weekends.  Then I got up early to write my weekend coffee share post but I soon discovered that the Wi Fi was out. I tried rebooting the router but no luck. I called ComCrap to report an outage but the recorded message told me to go online to the outage page to see if it had been reported.  Duh.  If I could access the web page, I wouldn’t need to report an outage.

Then it was time to babysit. Spencer, the almost 2 year old, was very whiny which is most unlike him. I think he’s coming down with something. Anderson was great. He pretty much entertains himself needing me only to give him water and juice and food.

Then I got a horrible pain which was reminiscent of a gall bladder attack. It was all I could do to hold out till the boys’ dad got home at 7. I barely made it home (home is two blocks away) when I started vomiting which as far as I can tell was because of the severe pain.  Pain pill.  Trying to test. Pain pill again five hits later. Finally I was able to sleep fire just a couple of hours when the pain woke me again. When it was time for another dose, I took another pain pill. Now I hate taking any kind of pill so if I’m taking a pain pill, you know it’s bad.

Today the pain started again and I took another pill before it got unbearable.  I slept. Now that original pain is gone but there’s a different one now.  My daughter is stopping by after work.  If I’m not better tomorrow, then I think I’ll let her take the day off and take me to the ER. 

Sitting up makes my back hurt so I’m posting on the phone, laying on the couch.  So if there are lots of errors in typing, that’s why.

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