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I was going to go to bed early because it was such a long, long day. That extra hour made the day seem twice as long. But then somehow, I really don’t remember how, I ended up googling old friends, the ones I haven’t seen since around the time of my divorce (early 1990s). Two couples that we were close to; the guys were actually brothers. It took me lots of places and I found them all by clicking on names of their kids and following links.

I’m just sitting here wondering if I should try to contact them. Both couples are now divorced and remarried. I’m almost positive my ex is not in touch with any of them and hasn’t been since he walked out on the kids and me. I’ll have to think about it. And now it’s almost 2 and I’m on my second wind.

Tonight: I was so exhausted yesterday that when I got home around 3 in the afternoon, I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until after 9. Now I’ll probably end up awake all night again,

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