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This week’s Writers Island prompt is “second chance.” Below you’ll find a couple of short, 100 word fiction pieces with “second chance” as the theme, although not necessarily the title.

Her Turn

It was the second chance she had thought would never come.The years had not been kind to her and her dreams had faded.Now it was finally her turn.The letter had come in the mail, long after she had given up waiting for it.She was heading back to school.She was afraid, to be sure, but she was more excited than afraid.She would be older than the other students.Old enough to be their mother, in fact, her own children were no longer students.But that wasn’t important now. This was it.It was finally happening.

Only Coffee?


Candace hadn’t been to the new coffee shop.She had heard many wonderful things about it.When Tom called and asked if she’d go out for coffee, she had hesitated.”We can go to Nueva Luna, that new place.It’s supposed to be quite good.”

Now she sat in the corner enjoying the plushness of the velvet pillows, yet dreading what Tom might want.They had both felt the vibes.That much she knew.Was she reading anything into this?She guessed she might be.She feared it, in fact.She wanted Tom’s attention.But did she dare risk it?

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