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If we were having coffee on this Christmas Eve, we would be in Seattle! The weather is much better than when I drove up here yesterday. That was a stressful drive in heavy rain and for a short 50 or so miles, heavy snow! But I’m here!

I am enjoying knowing that my daughter and her family are safe about 40 miles from here with her in-laws. I won’t see them tomorrow. I won’t see them until they go home, probably Tuesday. My other daughter has texted that she’s an hour away. Then I’m here with my son and his family, including 7 month old Mati who is so different now than he was last month when I came up for Thanksgiving! It is tough to believe that he wasn’t with us last year, he’s become so much a part of our lives!

It will be a low-key Christmas. I don’t have to do much but enjoy it and play with the baby! I couldn’t ask for much more than that!

How about you? Where are you? Is all your holiday planning done, leaving you to just mellow out and enjoy? I certainly hope so.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah! Enjoy family and friends and feasting! I’ll be back tomorrow with the story of the night I was born, many Christmasses ago.

I will leave you with links so a couple of favorite Christmas stories from the past:

Stille Nacht

Here Comes Santa Claus

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If we were having coffee, I would probably want caffeine, even though it’s almost 6 pm. That’s because I’m in Seattle visiting with the grand baby! My son and daughters in-law are going to a movie and dinner so I’m watching Mati tonight and I don’t want to be too sleepy. I need to be alert.

This is the highlight if the week for me. I’ve missed seeing him grow. It gas been a little over three months since I’ve seen him. He’s four months old.

Not too much to say. I will be posting about The Princess Bride tomorrow. I also hope to get in a Weekly Smile post in Monday. Oh, and remember last week I told you about doing tarot readings? It has been quite popular and I am definitely getting in my practice!

Tell me what you’re up to!

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e3aaa9b0-00a7-4eaf-a9c8-e788c0612bdaIf we were having coffee, you’d find me in bed. Dressed but watching TV in bed. All weekend. I’m a little down and the news out of Orlando is not helping. My daughter and the boys are out of town so I haven’t been needed since Friday so I’ve been vegging out. They come back tonight and I am babysitting tomorrow. Then Tuesday I will head out of town to help out with the new baby up in Seattle. My son got a new job and has some running around to do before he starts work in a couple of weeks and my daughter-in-law isn’t feeling well. So I will be going up to help with the little one and get in as much cuddling time as possible.

I would mention that I am no longer in the posting every day practice. The busy schedule pretty much took care of that. When I finished with the boys each day, I would be so exhausted when I got home that I would just sit and fall asleep. I quickly got out of the practice and now when I try to sit and write something, I am wordless. Maybe that will change when I am up in Seattle. Although I will be helping out with the baby, I will have a lot of time, I imagine. So we’ll see. Maybe I’ll post a baby picture or two. I hesitate to do that without his mom and dad’s approval, so we’ll see.

And then there is Orlando. Such sadness. Such violence. Such terror. But, other than sympathizing with the victims and their families, and adding my prayers to theirs, I won’t give it many words here because then They win.

I got stuck streaming Gilmore Girls again. I think this is the third time this calendar year that I have streamed all seven seasons. I’m finishing up season five now. So no new titles to report this week. You? I started streaming Grimm when I was at my son’s last month so I will probably take that up again when I am up there. It’s a little different from my normal viewing but I did enjoy it. And books…hopefully I will get to read a bit when I am up there.

So tell me about you! What have you been up to? What is in store for next week?


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If we were having coffee, we would be enjoying it from a major coffee loving location, Seattle! I am house/dog/cat sitting for my son. This is day four of seven. The doggies have been fed and gotten their medication. The kitties are curled up asleep (so are the dogs). I’ve had my breakfast, turned down the thermostat, and had two cups of delicious coffee. Now I can blog!

It has been an interesting week. On Sunday morning I woke up to snow! It was not supposed to come in until the afternoon but by 7 am, there was already an inch on the ground! My daughter called and wanted me to go with her to get gas in her car and run a few errands before the weather got worse so off we went. It was pretty! But we rushed through a lot of stuff so we could be back home before the rain started because the snow was supposed to be followed by freezing rain and if you have ever been in freezing rain, you know you don’t want to do it again!

The freezing rain did indeed come in and turn everything into slick, slippery ice! Too dangerous to go out in. It made me worry because I was supposed to drive up here to Seattle on Tuesday morning. But the weather cooperated and cleared up by Monday afternoon and I was able to safely drive up here! Yay!


The melting begins…nice and slick, but kind of pretty!

I got in to Seattle with enough time to relax, have some dinner and wine, and go through the pets’ routines with my son. I got some sleep and got up before the crack of dawn to take them to the airport. It was cold but very pretty outside. I wished I had my good camera when we went to let the dogs out before leaving to the airport…the sky was a beautiful midnight blue, very clear, with the bright moon slice being kept company by a couple of stars! But no camera. Off we went to the airport!


The Space Needle through the back seat window.

Wednesday was a settling in day. I ran around and bought a few things I had either forgotten to pack or decided I needed when I got here. One thing I forgot was the charger for my laptop. Too expensive to get a new one out here. I know Best Buy has universal ones but they are pricey and I have two at home…perhaps I should leave one of them in the car? My son set me up with my daughter-in-law’s laptop before they left. On Wednesday I realized there was a password on it. My daughter-in-law saw my post about it on Facebook and my son texted me some password possibilities until we got the password. Yay!  Then after using it for just a couple of hours, it died on me on Thursday! Thanks to Trent, I got it re-started. BIG sigh of relief!

Yesterday, I went for a drive and a walk to a place called Carkeek Park. I hadn’t been there before but my son recommended it and it is less than a ten minute drive from his house so I went to check it out. It’s a wonderful park and I will probably go out there again, maybe this afternoon before our predicted rain comes in.


Carkeek Park

After that, I went to get a few groceries and when I got back to the car, I had a strange encounter. Even from about 200 feet away, I could see there was something on top of a car next to me. When I got a little closer, I saw a REALLY BIG bird…it was on MY car, not the one next to mine. I thought it would fly away as I approached but it didn’t. I looked for my phone so I could take a picture but couldn’t find it in my purse so I walked to the car and got in quickly. The bird did not budge. I finally found my phone and ventured out of the car to see if the bird was still there. It was. So I took a picture and it got mad and started walking toward me. It looked quite evil! I snapped a second picture but then it was so close to me that I jumped back in the car before it’s pointy hooked beak decided to take a bite of me! I drove off. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of bird it was. Not a seagull. I’ve seen a lot of those guys. This one looked like some kind of sea bird. It has webbed feet, too. It was really big, guessing at least 20 inches standing, maybe bigger! In this picture, he is kind of “crouch walking” toward me like he is going to attack. His legs are tucked in, standing he was much taller, long legs. Here, he’s all tucked in, ready to pounce!


Mystery bird!

Today it’s really foggy out. The sun is supposed to burn off the fog in a while and it should be sunny for a few hours before the clouds and rain come in. It’s nice and cozy inside and I’m kind of settled in and comfortable. I might go out, I might not. I have blogs to read; movies to watch; pages to color; and hopefully some writing. Lots to do here at home. I’ll be here until they come back late Tuesday. I will head home on Wednesday morning.

If we were having coffee, we’d probably be watching out for strange birds! And I would tell you that I am missing Anderson and Spencer an awful lot. They were going to come up for the  weekend but Tina decided she didn’t want to make the drive alone with the boys. Tomorrow is her birthday and I had wanted her to come up so she wouldn’t be alone. (Chris is out of the picture at the moment.) It’s a good thing they didn’t come up because she has been texting me since early this morning…the boys are both sick!

Anyway, that has been my week. How has yours been? I finished reading One Crazy Summer, review to come in a few days, I think. I’m working on Searching For Malumba and a couple of others. I’m watching a lot of movies that I haven’t seen before, sort of catching up. Currently watching Casino. I also watched a few episodes of Homeland, season 2. I won’t finish it on this trip but I’m sure I will be coming up here again in a couple of months. Tina and I are having a baby shower for Sarah and doing it up here where they live and all her friends are so we will be back before the baby comes and of course, when the baby arrives!

By the way, does anyone know how I can move a post to a new page? I want my About Me post on an About page. I made the page but I cannot figure out how to move the post to the page! Anyone?

Your turn! I’m coming around to read all your coffee share posts. If you weren’t planning on writing one, maybe you should! 🙂


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