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Holiday gift shows and fairs. You either love them or hate them. I enjoy browsing if I know things are deals and worthy of gifting. However there are many that are full of high priced and trendy items that I would never gift,

Churches and schools often have great gift items under $20. That’s my type of holiday gift fair! Last year, when no one dared come into contact with anyone else, a group of crafters got together to put on a virtual craft fair. There was a variety of items that were true crafts, the handmade and homemade type. There were also a lot of large MLM companies represented. Each crafter it sales consultant was featured for one day. It was, not fun, but a practical option. They’re doing it again this year and it started this weekend. I don’t even time in when it’s a mass produced item that anyone can get from a large company. [Think cosmetics, candles, kids books, etc.]

I ordered a couple of personalized drink tumblers for a special couple in the family. I won’t order anything else, on sure. That’s about the only item that is with the price.

The most annoying item available at that fair, and so many other places, is really trendy and, to me, freaky. You’ve probably all seem one. That horrible elf that is moved from place to place to sit on kids and discourage them from misbehaving — yup, elf on the shelf. Don’t you think it’s freaky?

Freaky little guy!

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I seem to be very emotional today. I’m not sure why. We had a very good trip. We spent the day in Tacoma with the boys’ other grandparents before heading home. All is fine here. The kitty missed me and is letting me know I should not leave her alone again.

And yet, I find myself getting teary with almost everything. A post on FB; song lyrics; a movie I put on to get over my emotional state (White Christmas). Everything. It might be because it is getting to me that I won’t be spending Christmas with two of my kids. It might be because I will be turning 60 in a couple of weeks. It might be because I want the whole world to be a better place. It might be because I’m tired. It might be because of the season. It might be because I miss my sisters and because although my three brothers have been gone for years, this is the first Christmas without my dad and the combination of all of them being gone is getting to me.

It has been a very busy, emotional, scary, and exciting year. Things seem to have happened on someone else’s plan, not mine. There is also so much that is unknown for me personally right now.

I think it has all snowballed from last January when I first started to feel sick to now when I don’t know where I will be this time next year.

I wanted to write a happy post; a positive one; but it just isn’t happening today. I’ll try to turn that around for tomorrow.

Do you get emotional at Christmas time? What do you do to “fix” that?

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