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Where is home? Is it a physical place? Is it where you live?

Home seems to conjure up so many feelings in each of us. Earlier today, I came across a post in Daily Musings that got me to thinking about “home”.

It’s a lot of different things to me. It’s where I live, physically, in my home. But home is not always just a house. To me, home is family. Family is home. I once noticed that to me, home was wherever my mom lived, even if I had never actually lived there myself. Mom equaled home. Whenever I get to go back to that house, if I ever do, I know it won’t be home. My mom isn’t there anymore. She’s gone. My sister lives there so I guess that it’s still home in the way that family is home but I don’t think I’ll feel that.

Home is where my kids are or even where we all are together even if it isn’t anyone’s domicile. It’s home because family is there.

In another way, home is also California where I was born and grew up. I love going back to California and it still feels like home. The house where I grew up in San Jose also brings back feelings of home, as does San Jose. I lived there for so long. When I go to San Jose I am home, even though I’m no longer familiar with everything there or how to get from one place to the other. It’s still home and when I leave San Jose, I have a sad feeling in my heart.

I guess home is many things to many of us. Where is home to YOU?

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