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Life goes on.

Busy not being busy. Does that make sense? Well, that seems to be the theme here. I get so busy (time consumption) doing little things that I get lost in it all. Little things meaning helping Tina with the boys as they are sometimes just too much for her to handle; going with her on errands so I can help with the boys or stay in the car with them; taking the boys to the park to play; taking them to eat; keeping them at my house to play.

Well, a lot of those little things are actually huge. Spending time with the grandsons is a “huge little thing.” It’s an important thing. Other things can wait. And because I see them every day, when a time comes when I don’t see them for a day or two, I miss them terribly…and they miss me.

On my last trip to Seattle, I was gone from Tuesday morning to Sunday late afternoon. As I got off of the freeway and was waiting for the light to turn green at the end of the off ramp, I got a text message from my daughter saying Spencer wanted to see me so I texted back that I would stop by. When I got there less than ten minutes later, Spencer was so happy to see me. He hugged me and kept saying “Nana. Nana.” He wouldn’t take his eyes off of me. Then Tina told me that the reason she texted was because Spencer had asked to have his shoes put on and when they were on, he walked out the door and said “go walk Nana” meaning he was going to go walk to my house. She caught up to him as he got to the street and explained that I wasn’t home but would be there soon. So yup, he missed me.

Then, then next day, I was trying to nap and I heard a noise at my door and thought someone was trying to break in. I slowly walked toward the front door and then I heard Spencer and Anderson. I opened the door quickly to find Tina running up the stairs to catch up with them. Spencer had taken off running to my house (he’s three) and Anderson alerted Tina who took off running after him and send Anderson up ahead because he can run faster. So Spencer got to my house first with Anderson arriving about a minute later and Tina another forty-five seconds later…and quite out of breath. We scolded him and told him he can’t come by himself. He has to ask. It is dangerous for little boys to run down the street by himself. He kept nodding that he understood but the next day he did it again! ¬†And two days later he took off but Anderson ran after him (Anderson is 6) and caught him before he got too far. He did fall and he has a lump on his head from Anderson nearly tackling him to stop, but at least they were both safe. And even though they have child proof door knobs and windows, Spencer is smart and can open them. Fence? He climbs over or under. Tina is now thinking of installing security cameras so she can see when he escapes!

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