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If we were having coffee, it would be short and sweet as I have a lunch date to get ready for.  It’s across the river and in the Pearl.  I rarely venture out there so when I do, I allow myself a lot of extra time to drive there, in case I get lost which happens often in that neck of the woods, and to allow time to find a parking space, etc.  I’m really excited about this lunch date.  I can’t tell you too much but I will probably be back tomorrow with another share to tell you about it and share a bit about it!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that we had a couple of “cooler” days, in the 70”s but they felt hotter than when we were in the 90s!  Today we are supposed to get up to 96 which means we’ll probably hit 100 again!  At least the house is cooling off in the evenings and I’ve been able to close the windows and shut off the fans for most of the night.

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you that I am getting excited about my upcoming trip!  Anderson and I are driving to see my mom in Riverside County (California).  On the way, we’ll be stopping in San Jose, which is my hometown, for a reunion barbecue for those who graduated from my high school in the 70’s.  It should be fun, or at least relaxing and I’m sure I won’t be asked when “I’m due”.  That happened about three minutes after I walked in to the last reunion with this group in 2013.  Now, since my surgery, that won’t happen.  And if it does, someone’s gonna get a punch in the gut!  LOL!  I will also get to spend a couple of days with my daughter in Santa Rosa.  I timed the trip so it would coincide with her days off from work so we get to see her for more than just a passing hug!  Her birthday is coming up (she’s turning 25!) so we will probably have an early birthday celebration.

Anderson really enjoys hiking.  He enjoys being outdoors and all things related to nature.  That’s a good thing, even though this grandma has not ever been much for the outdoors.  I’m enjoying it through his eyes.  This week, I took him to Multnomah Falls.  I love it there and it was one of the places I said at the beginning of this year that I wanted to go back to as I haven’t been there in over four years.  We went.  I just wanted to look at the falls and enjoy them a bit and take some pictures.  Anderson wanted to take the hike to the bridge across the falls.  So I said we would go part the way and we ended up going all the way.  It’s not a long hike.  I think it’s only 2/10 of a mile but it is steep.  Then when we got to the bridge, I told him we’re not going across the bridge.  He wanted to go “just a little bit, Nana” so I said just a little bit to take a picture of him on the bridge.  Well, off he went dodging picture taking tourists across the bridge, to the end of it!  I took his picture and said we were going back down the trail but he wanted to keep going up the rest of the trail (which takes you to the top of the falls).  I put my foot down.  I told him his daddy can take him.  So down we went, back to the bottom.  I think we’ll be going back.  He enjoyed it and wants to eat at the restaurant up there.  I don’t know that we’ll eat there but maybe, as I get monthly coupons for the restaurant, so maybe for something special.

Multnomah Falls.  That's the bridge we hiked to and walked across!

Multnomah Falls. That’s the bridge we hiked to and walked across!

Anyway, I need to get going.  I need to pick out some clothes to wear.  We’re going to a casual place so maybe shorts as it will be hot by then!  And I want to read some blogs, as I’m behind this week.  I am in the middle, well at 68%, of reading Go Set A Watchman and I want to get back to it but I don’t think that will happen until after I get back from lunch, although I will be taking it along with me on my Kindle.  Look for a review later this week, and I promise, no spoilers.

So, while I get ready for my lunch, tell me what is up with YOU!  What are you reading this week?  Have you seen any movies?  What are your plans for the week?

I’ll be traveling for the next two weekends but I should still be able to post as my laptop is coming alone on the trip.


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Reunion Round Up

I’ve attended four high school reunions and one college reunion. After the third high school reunion, I said I would never attend another. I said the same after the one college reunion. This year, my high school had a multi-year reunion and my college is having a class reunion for my year (1978). I definitely have no desire to go to the college reunion, even if they paid me to go. However, when it came to the high school reunion, although I had pretty much decided not to go, I kept getting more and more curious as the event got closer and closer. Then, my daughter who moved from Baltimore to Santa Rosa after college graduation last month, called and reminded me that I had some of her furniture at my house and she could use if the next time I went to California. That clinched it. I decided to go to the reunion and take my daughter her furniture. A friend even helped out with the cost by inviting me to stay at her house for the weekend. That was a bonus and a “sign” that I was meant to go.

I must say that the best way to approach any kind of reunion is with no expectations whatsoever. Then you are sure not to be let down. The reunion was more than I expected, not only because I had such low expectations, but because it was quite good. I think that the best part was being in a room full of people with a common background and who shared the school’s history. Because it was a multi-class reunion (1969 to 1979) most of us knew a lot of people there, either personally or through siblings.

So, the company was good, (with the exception of a few who proved to still be who they were in high school with no growth whatsoever). The food was delicious. The music was, for the most part, excellent, but way too loud for a small enclosed room (and for many deaf and nearly deaf ears). The camaraderie was there. It couldn’t be missed. It sure made the evening the success it was.

Will I go to another? I don’t know. I guess it depends on where I am in my life at that point. Maybe I’ll go back to the no more reunions attitude.

I’m still processing the weekend. There are many stories to be written from the events and characters to be created. I supposed you’ll read about all that here if you keep coming back. Not sure when it will be but it’s coming.

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