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The weather, for the most part, has been dark and dreary around here. Last Friday, as I left home to run errands, the sun was shining and I got a good look at the route of red maples across the road. I live in a mobile home park with the main driveway off of a major state highway so it often takes a good trim minutes for traffic to clear to pull out off the driveway. During that time, I tried taking pictures of the trees with my phone but the angle was limited.

Blazing Red maple

It brought a big smile to my face as I remembered how my mom loved to visit during the fall so she could see these trees in all their blazing glory. She was like a child seeing something magical. Once, as we drive north from California to Portland, she started counting the trees but have up somewhere around Grants Pass because there were too many to count.

As some of you know, my mom passed away in August of 2020. I had not seen her for the years when she passed and because of COVID I was not able to travel to see her that last week when my sister called to let me know we had run out of time. These special memories of my time with her, pop up every so often and bring me smiles and happiness asking with a few tears.

This was my smile this week. Red mapkes will blaze like this for another week or so then their fire will go out. Memories of my mom will keep making me smile, specially when they pop up so unexpectedly.

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