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First and foremost, the final pathology results came in and there is absolutely no cancer anywhere! That’s the biggest and best news!

However, when I woke up on Monday morning, part of the incision was red and itchy. My appointment to get the staples out was late that morning. Upon seeing it, the doctor said I had an infection. They lanced it to try to get the yucky stuff out of a rather large lump under the site. Nothing. They tried to get it out with a syringe. No luck. So now I am on a strong antibiotic to try to get rid of the infection. If it hasn’t worked in a week, they will have to open it up again and clean it out and pack it with antibiotic which stays in for a week then has to be opened up again to be removed. And the process will have to be repeated as many times as it takes to get rid of the infection. Yuck. But I am praying and crossing my fingers that the antibiotic will take care of it.

Then last evening, as the grandsons and I were out in front of my house waiting for my daughter to come get us to go get the prescription from the pharmacy, Spencer (4 years old) and I were attacked by a swarm of wasps! Poor little guy didn’t know what it was and kept screaming and running and flailing about. I jumped and tried to get them off of him and by then they were on me. Luckily my daughter arrived in time to help get them off of us. In the meantime Spencer is screaming in pain. We finally got in the car and stopped at her house just a minute away and tore off his clothes and took the stingers out. He was better then. We got out four stingers but he’s got about twelve sting marks. I got away with only three but I feel like I was hit by a truck because I jumped into action and moved too quickly and carelessly for someone that is still supposed to be moving guardedly for another eight weeks! This too shall pass. I know. We just didn’t need this. It makes it seem like one good bit of news then a couple of bad ones.

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Look Who’s Cooking!

My newer readers don’t know this about me but for many years (well at least three) I stopped using my stove, using only the microwave to heat and cook things.  I love my microwave but it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to cooking.  It eventually got to where I wasn’t even cooking.  I was only heating things up in the microwave which meant I was eating a lot of packaged frozen food and occasionally, left overs that my daughter would give me.  Part of that was that my health was not very good.  I really had no desire to do much of anything.  It was very difficult for me to move around.  If something was not at my arm’s reach, I could not bend down to reach for it or reach up to grab it (and I’m very short so that left a lot of things that were out of my reach).  Then I had my surgery in April and things got immediately better and as my recovery progressed, I have been able to do more and more.  And I have been able to enjoy so much more which has left me wanting to do more.

So, I’m cooking again!  I used to love to cook and I still do, I’m just out of practice.  However, over the past three weeks, I’ve been using the stove to cook at least two of my meals each day.  I still have it.  I’m so glad that my flair for combining ingredients hasn’t left me.  I’ve still got it.  I’ve even made my own hot sauce, which I had never done before.

That all means I’m now eating heathier and I am happier.  I’m feeling more and more like me!  In the past couple of weeks, I’ve made chicken with zucchini and tomato with a some soupy liquid.  I’ve also made four or five different dishes with a small seasoned pork roast that I got on clearance.  I’ve used chicken breasts to make myself shredded chicken burritos and chicken sandwiches.  I’ve made ground beef tacos.  I’ve made chicken soup!  Add to this all the fresh fruits and veggies I am enjoying  and it translates to a happier and healthier me!

Yup!  Look who’s cooking!

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I should have done this before but I didn’t know I would need it.  While working on my NaNoWriMo project, I ended up with a character that I needed to give a back story to and what just came out as right for this character was to make her an alcoholic, a sober alcoholic in recovery for about 8 years.  So I ended up doing some research, not that I don’t know about alcoholics but I wanted the character’s back story to come through her own words at an AA meeting.  I’ve been streaming some movies and docuentaries about women alcoholics and reading blogs about them and by them.

It’s not pretty.  Alcoholism is not pretty for anyone but for women, it’s so much worse than for men.  Medically and scientifically speaking, women’s bodies cannot withstand the abuse that alcoholism leaves on the body as long as or as well as men can.  Then there is the stigma of alcoholism which is worse for women than for men, at least in our society.  It’s not ladylike to drink to excess.  It’s not motherly to drink to excess.  That’s what Society thinks and what makes Society react more strongly when they encounter a female alcholic.

In any case, I find the research riveting and the facts both enlightening and depressing.  I’ve sort of sunken into it and haven’t written but now that I am about three days behind in my writing, I guess I had better get moving on the writing and maybe come back to the research at a later point.

If you know anyone in recovery, point them to emilyism.com, a blog started by Emily, a recovering alcholic.  She has regularly scheduled posts and has kept her blog going since 2007.  Every entry is about some aspect of recovery.  If someone stops in to read it, there is no need to comment or identify themself.  Just be there and read.

Okay, back to the last documentary I will watch before I start writing on my Nano project!

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