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Some questions for you. And I really want to hear your opinion. It has been bothering me a lot and I know I can’t let it go until I write it out. This is the first part. The questions. Then in a couple of days I will write out the situation and see what you think. So for now, what do you think about these questions?

1. How long is your teacher your teacher and your student your student? Is there a time period when the Teacher/Student relationship ends? How do you know that or is there a set time in your book?

2. Is it ever okay for a former teacher of a student to have a romantic relationship with the former student?

3. If you were the parent of someone dating their former teacher, granted they are just a bit over eighteen, how would you feel?

4. Now add to all of this that the teacher is still a teacher but not of that student.

5. And the kicker: The teacher is married and has very young children.

So tell me. What do you think? Please, l really want to know. It is really bothering me and I need to make some sort of peace with this situation.

Sound off!

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