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This was supposed to be my month to get back to my blog and to nanowrimo but I guess life had other plans for me.

In the last month I have gone through a severe infection in two of my molars then non surgical extraction of the same molars where the dentist basically numbed the area and just yanked on the two molars until they came out. An hour and a half later they were gone and it was very painful. Then while babysitting at my daughter’s house her renter, who is an alcoholic, got drunk and went after my daughter. She physically attacked her and I got in the middle of it to keep her from hitting my daughter so I got hit, too. Not fun. Then the next day at home I tripped in the hallway of my house and broke my arm. My right arm, and dislocated my shoulder and sprained my wrist so for the last 12 or so days I have been in a lot of pain and in a sling for my right arm and a brace for my wrist. Basically, I cannot move my right arm without great pain.

That all leaves me at the mercy of speech-to-text apps which are not great. Currently, I am trying to work with the speech to text feature of the Google keyboard on my Android phone. Not perfect and not exactly convenient but it will have to do.

Somehow, it seems like life always has different plans for me than the ones that I have made. I am trying to read blogs and trying to like where I can but movement of my right hand really hurts so that might not happen and commenting isn’t really easy especially if there’s a lot of people around or if I’m in public where I can’t really use the speech to text, not that I have been leaving the house. I haven’t except to go to the doctor and back but the kids are almost always here and I can’t really be talking with them in the room playing and sometimes arguing and sometimes with the computer on. I’m trying to make do as best I can.

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