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My daughter, who is currently pregnant, has repeatedly brought up the idea of having a doula attend her during the birth of her baby.  Traditionally, a doula helps the mother during the birthing process, not as part of the medical personnel but more as support and as a liaison between the mother and hospital staff.  She basically tries to insure that the mother’s wishes and needs are met.

As far as I am concerned,  I feel it’s not a necessary element to the birth and because she doesn’t have the money, I felt it was an extravagance that just wasn’t needed.   Then again, I’ve had three kids.  I know the process.  I knew the process at the time I was going through it, too.  I’m one of those people that researches a situation exhaustively so I knew what was going on when I was going through childbirth.  I knew my rights.  I knew what I could ask for and what was best for me and for the baby.

Tina really wanted to have a doula so she went online and did the research.  She found a local organization that trains and certifies doulas.  As part of their certification, the doula candidate has to log a certain number of hours  attending births and helping at childbirth.  It’s the final step before their certification.  Because they need the hours, they provide doula services for free until they are able to log enough hours to get their certification.  So Tina found a way to get what she wanted.  Today, she went to meet the doula and really liked her.

In the end, it’s all about what makes Tina comfortable during the birth of her baby, isn’t it?    I didn’t want to keep her  from having what she wanted but I felt that the money could be much better spent considering that they have almost nothing for the baby.  She has clothes.  She doesn’t have a car seat or stroller or crib or diapers or any of the “big ticket” items.  However, now that she found a way to have her cake and eat it too, I’m glad she did it because I want her to  be happily prepared for the birth of her child!

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