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…you have to breathe a sigh of relief and consider yourself lucky.

Tina was in a car accident early this afternoon.  I was three blocks away when I got the call so I literally ran the three blocks to where she was.  After a while (there were six cars involved so it took police a while to get to everyone) she said she thought she was having contractions and was feeling very weak.  I got the policeman to call an ambulance for her and they took her to the ER.  I followed by car after her car was moved out of the lanes of traffic.  Because she is 26 weeks pregnant, they took her to Labor and Delivery instead of the ER.  Everything checked out okay.  She’s fine.  The baby’s heart rate is fine.  She’s sore and will be more sore tomorrow but she’s okay.  The hospital has a policy of keeping moms who have experienced a trauma at the hospital on monitors for a minimum of four hours so I stayed with her in the room.

I just got home now.  More than ten hours after her accident.  I’m beat.  But I am relieved and happy that she and the baby are fine.  Tomorrow, when we have to deal with insurance and the body shop, I may feel different but I don’t think so.  I’m just glad that she and the baby are okay.

BIG sign of relief!

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Two of my favorite Christmases were when I was pregnant.

Early during my first pregnancy, I was told that my baby was due on January 15. However, during my routine visit on December fourth, the doctor told me I was already dilating and he would not be surprised if I was in full labor within 48 hours. I went home and busied myself to get everything ready for an early arrival. This meant not only getting things ready for the baby but also for Christmas when my in-laws were coming to spend the holiday with us because the doctor had said no traveling during the last six weeks. I had to prepare for eight extra people coming for the holiday.

Once everything was ready, we waited. And waited. And waited some more. From about the fifth of December I got daily calls asking if I was in labor yet. When I called my husband at work, his secretary would immediately think I was in labor. She did a great job keeping tabs on him so that if I needed him, she would be able to find him. Those were the days when not many people had mobile phones (they were actually not very portable even for those who had them). My husband didn’t have a pager because he didn’t like the idea of anybody being able to reach him whenever they wanted to so he resisted getting one.

When I went in to the doctor on the 18th, he was amazed that there was still no labor. He said labor was imminent. There was no baby when my in-laws arrived on December 24th. On Christmas day we waited and waited. I was watched by every eye in the house but there were no signs of labor, other than the baby had dropped and I was really tired. My own birthday is on Christmas day so everyone was sure I’d deliver a Christmas baby. I didn’t. Our company came and went and still no baby. Although my son was born 23 days post-mature, on February 7, that Christmas was very magical as we waited for the baby that didn’t want to be born!

The second time around, I was due on December 21st. By December 1st the baby had dropped and we were on baby watch once again. That second time I really didn’t feel the baby would come on Christmas but everyone else did. Again I couldn’t travel so family came to us and again they watched and we waited and no baby appeared but the expectation of the birth was wonderful. Baby number two arrived 20 days post-mature on January 10. By then we knew that my body doesn’t deliver on time. Both times the doctor was sure of the due date (positive blood pregnancy test on day seven of lateness) and ultrasound had confirmed but both times I delivered three weeks late!

Those two years were very special as the joy of a new baby’s imminent arrival kept us focused on the joy of the holiday and the meaning of Christmas.

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