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Like A Big Pizza Pie

I love that song.

Today is National Pizza Day in the United States. So of course, I’m thinking about pizza. I don’t normally eat pizza but today, I have a craving for pizza. Which brings me to recall “pizza memories”.

I don’t remember having had pizza before I was in high school. Then I would occasionally be allowed to go out for pizza with friends after basketball or football games. I also remember my dad taking my sisters and my mom out to Round Table for pizza one night. That was unusal because we never, ever ate out. But he had been drinking and they were meeting someone down there. I don’t even remember who. So off they went, two of my sisters, my mom, and my dad. Hours later, when my older sister and I were starting to get worried because it was after midnight and we hadn’t heard from them, a police car drove up to the house and out popped my dad, my mom, and my sisters. It seems that my dad had been drinking enough to have forgotten the keys in the ignition of the car and so when they came out of the pizza place, the car was gone! After giving a police report and waiting around, the police finally drove them all home.

Then I remember riding my bike through campus late at night with a bunch of people from my dorm when I was in college. We would take late night study breaks and bike to downtown Palo Alto for Round Table. One time, we were sitting at a big table having pizza and pitchers of soda (we were all under 21 then) when the juke box started to play Paul Anka singing You’re Having My Baby. Well this guy, Matthew who lived next door to me in the dorm, got up on top of the table and with a fork up to his mouth, started singing along while looking at ME! Everyone laughed and thought it was funny but I was mortified!

Favorite pizza? Hhm. That’s tough. I don’t eat it often because it’s not filling. I get hungry again within a half hour. However, if I’m allowed to get what I really want on it, I’m okay. What do I really want on it? Loaded with veggies or loaded with meat. One or the other. Usually, when we get pizza, the others in the group want only one topping. That’s not enough for me. So for me, it’s a loaded pizza. Oh and I cannot believe that some people will eat cold pizza right out of the fridge without heating it! Yuck! It makes me want to gag! Do you know anyone like that?

What are your pizza memories? What is your favorite pizza?

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