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Picture Day

I found a blog post a couple of days ago that made me think that I wanted to write about it but I hadn’t gotten around to it. Then just a few minutes ago, my niece posted a picture of her daughter’s hairdo for picture day on Facebook that reminded me so I had to come write it.

The post was called Picture Dayyy by Unoriginalblogger. She’s a young high school blogger that I just discovered while participating in the Blogging 101 exercise that WordPress is doing. I like that she is young and innocent and honest. She seems to be very open minded, too. I’m following her blog for now, and even when I don’t comment on her blog, she’s making me think!

The post is about it being picture day at her high school. It reminded me of all the picture days of my school years and, then later, the picture days of my own children. One of the first things we looked for when we got our school year schedules at the beginning of the year was the date of picture day. And then we started planning what we would wear and how we would fix our hair. Luckily, picture day was usually right at the start of the school year, the first or second week. Had it been any later in the year the stress would have been unbearable. We thought about it that much. In my family, with four girls spaced five years apart, we wore each others clothes so we had to make sure we all understood who was going to wear which outfit for picture day or there might be a mini war when the day arrived! How would we fix our hair and which jewelry would we wear? My high school years were in the early 70’s. We had long dangly earrings and chokers and tinted granny glasses. We had “ratted” hair, hair in braids, long stringy straight hair, hair done in a ‘fro (we called it a “natural” in those days) and all sorts of hair that was in style. Which would we choose? Just a couople of years before, in middle school, wiglets were in style so most of the girls added a wiglet full of curls at the back of their hair then we had to worry about it falling off! Talk about stressful!

Once the picture day had come and gone, we were left biting our nails until we got our pictures back. How had they turned out? Of course, even when they turned out great, we weren’t happy! Then we would start scheming on how to get onto the list for the “Make up Picture Day” which was really for those who had missed picture day the first time around but if you knew how to do it, you could get onto the list and have a re-do of picture day and hope for a better outcome!

Such stress. Such excitement. Such anticipation. Such memories. How did we survive?

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