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Remembering A Photo

Recently, I’ve lost a hard drive full of photos and writing. Lots of photos. Probably dating back to the first digital camera I had in the late 90’s. They were not backed up. The other night, I found a thumb drive and stuck it in the laptop to see what was on it. I found pictures! Not all the ones I lost but I was still happy to find them.

One of the pictures that I thought was lost to me was one my daughter took of me in March of 2005 on a trip to New York City. My son and one of my daughters were on the trip with me and I convinced them that we should go to Liberty Island and to Ellis Island. I had been been to Liberty Island on a previous trip but it was during the restoration of Ellis Island so it was closed to the public so I had missed it. We took the ferry and it was freezing cold and crowded. There was no place to sit, especially for three people. So we split up and I stood and looked out. That evening, back at the hotel, we all exchanged memory cards and loaded all of the photos to our laptops. The thought was that we would be backing them up three fold. I looked through some of their photos because they sometimes were goofy together. Tony is my oldest and is eight years older than Susie but they get along really well, playing off of each other’s goofiness and feeding into it. One of the photos I found was surprising. Susie had taken a picture of me as I looked out from the ferry. It was special because she had taken my picture but also because the photo is evocative of a lot of emotions even to the ordinary viewer, or at least I think it is.

I thought that photo was lost but it was on that thumb drive so now I am sharing it with you and hopefully, should it become lost again, I can find it here.

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I will have to write a longer post regarding all the photo enthusiasts in my family and how they came to be but for a very quick post, as I am packing for tomorrow’s trip, I thought I would share this short one with you.

Yesterday, I gave Anderson (5 years old) my Canon point and shoot that has been sitting for over two years with no use as now I use either my phone or my DSLR.  I took him for a walk and showed him how to turn it on and the shutter button and let him take pictures as he wanted to.  He was soooo excited!  He ran from one plant to the next and one flower to the next taking pictures.  He snapped a picture of every car that went by us.  He took pictures of his feet and mine.  He had a ball!  Next he will learn the video part of the camera and I predict he will really have fun with that.

Anderson taking a close up of some tiny flowers.

Anderson taking a close up of some tiny flowers.

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Breathtaking, too

California sunsets are awesome whether over the ocean or over the hills. Breathtaking showed off the fog and the oak trees I ran into on the way home the other day. Today’s post shows you the sunset photos. Even with the fog in most of the photos, I think they are awesome! Enjoy.

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I have driven the 280 freeway north and south between San Jose and San Francisco a gazillion times and every time I drive it, I think about stopping to take pictures. It is very scenic. However, I am usually not alone or it is too late or raining or something. Yesterday was different. I was alone and it was about an hour before sunset when I left San Jose. I thought maybe, if I was lucky, I could stop for some pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge. Then as I drove, I was overcome by the beauty of the rolling hills and the greeness of the mountains. And the fog. It was just beginning to creep over the mountains and it was breathtaking. I stopped. Not once but six times.

Below are the results, minus the sunset pictures which will come in a post, soon. I think you’ll see what I mean about being overcome by the beauty.


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For weeks I have been asking my girls to go to the beach with me so I can take some sunset pictures. I have some nice sunset pictures but I haven’t gone out in over a year and it isn’t far. It’s about a 25 minute drive. I also recently inherited my daughter’s Canon digital SLR and I wanted to get some practice with it. Hence the desire for sunset pictures. I can go myself but my eyesight is worst in the twilight hours which means I would have to stay out at the beach until it got completely dark before I could drive home. Each time I ask, they are doing something and cannot go with me, or it has been overcast when they can go.

Until yesterday. It must have been my Irish luck on St. Pat’s Day! My older daughter and I went to lunch then to pick up some wine she ordered at Francis Ford Coppola‘s Rosso & Bianco Winery. When we left there, my daughter got adventurous and took us on a discovery journey of some back roads. We ended up driving to the coast. It took us almost 2 hours to make the 35 mile drive through the winding mountainous road which narrowed to one lane in many places. When we made it to the coast, we were way north of any part of the coast we normally go to. We were north of Fort Ross, just south of Sea Ranch. We stopped at Sea Ranch for a bite to eat and a relaxing look at the ocean before starting on our drive home which would take us about two hours.

On the drive home, the timing of the sunset toyed with us. I was sure I would get a chance at a picture for about ten minutes then I was sure I would miss it because there was a layer of fog coming in. My daughter developed a headache and drove through with no sign of stopping. I watched the time and realized I was going to miss it because it was slightly behind us and I didn’t think my daughter would pull over. In fact, there were few places where we could safely pull over without causing a disturbance to the many cars behind us. I kept watching glimpses of the sunset in the side view mirror. I didn’t want to ask her to stop because I knew she had a headache.

Then she suddenly veered off the lane of traffic onto a small area next to a steep drop to the ocean, a couple of hundred feet below us. I didn’t even get mad. I just jumped out with camera in hand! I began shooting pictures. I was spellbound by the gorgeous sunset! I ended up taking 38 pictures of the sunset, each one in wonderful focus! I was amazed because I had been having a lot of trouble with the focus. In fact, at least one third of the 200 pictures I took this afternoon were out of focus! But my sunset pictures were not!


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I created a monster and I didn’t even mean to.

When I was younger, much younger, I loved to take pictures.I had several of those 60’s and 70’s instant cameras and took tons of film with them.When I graduated from college, my mom gave me an SLR camera.I loved taking photos with it but I didn’t know much about photography.I never took a class.I never read a book on photography.I just enjoyed it.As I started a family, I got newer cameras but I always came back to my SLR.However, my husband thought that I didn’t need all those cameras so when I got a fancy schmancy Olympus automatic camera, he gave my SLR to his brother who was also into photography.I always wanted to get another one.However, I knew I didn’t have the time to invest in photography as a hobby so I waited.I encouraged my kids to try photography.They enjoyed it and took it as a class in school.I was pleased that we shared an interest in photography but then they went on to other things. (more…)

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