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5 Desserts

This week, for 5 Things Tuesday, we are asked to list our 5 favorite desserts to have with coffee.

There are so many yummy things to enjoy with coffee. It’s difficult to come up with the top five but I’ll try.

Pan dulce or sweet bread would be one of the top choices. In particular, I would choose a concha which means shell in Spanish and I’m sure many of you know which ones I’m referring to. They’re sweet where the sugar is in top but the inside is usually not overly sweet. That makes it a good choice that won’t another the coffee’s flavor and perfect for dunking!

Second, how about a biscotti? Whether a simple traditional biscotti or a fancier flavored and iced one, they’re simplicity is ideal to accompany coffee.

Pumpkin pie would be my next thing to accompany my morning or afternoon or evening coffee. As pies go, pumpkin is my favorite. Rich, filling, satisfying. I enjoy other kinds of pie with coffee too (apple mostly) but as this is Thanksgiving week, I’m dreaming of pumpkin pie.

Cake. Chocolate cake. Mmmm. Who can resist a piece of cake with a delicious cup of coffee? I can’t!

Finally, probably the most common, donuts. There are so many to choose from but you may have guessed that my favorite with coffee would be a plain old fashioned one or maybe an uniced cake donut.

Mostly, I enjoy the coffee so I don’t really want a dessert that would overtake that flavor. What’s your favorite coffee dessert?


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