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What a week this has been! Tuesday was my daughter’s birthday. Very late on Monday, she texted saying she and her boyfriend were thinking of a spur of the moment trip to the coast if I could stay with the boys. I agreed but warned her that we had snow in the forecast and she should research the weather and road conditions before decided to actually do it. She said she would. Famous last words.

I really didn’t think they would go but I made a mental list of things I needed to pack in case they did go. It was only one overnight so I didn’t need much and I’m a short walk away so I could grab the boys and walk home for whatever I forgot. Or we could drive but the boys love walking here and back so I figured we could do that. Then she said yes, they were going and leaving in just a couple of hours. I hadn’t packed because I didn’t think they’d go. So I rushed and drove over there thinking I would take the boys out to the Dollar Tree to get a few craft supplies besides the ones I took with me. They left and about twenty minutes later, she texted saying it was snowing lightly and that I should take the chance to get out to the store if I needed anything before it began to snow here. I looked out the window and realized that it was too late. In the twenty minutes since they had left, it had begun to snow and there was already almost an inch out there and the snow was coming fast and heavily and the wind was blowing. Spencer convinced me to get his snow clothes on and take him out on the driveway. Of course, he didn’t stop at the driveway and he made me follow him, trying to catch up with him. He was fast, even in the snow.


It snowed all night long. Heavily. And it snowed most of the day on Wednesday. And the wind blew. Before long, the news was reporting that it was a record snowfall for Portland. Downtown Portland, which gets an average of less than one day of snow per year and that snow is trace amounts got over a foot of snow! Up here, in the foothills, we usually get more than downtown but we got less this time, about seven inches outside my door. My youngest daughter lives about ten miles away and she measured thirteen inches out in her yard. So yeah, we got a lot of snow. On Wednesday afternoon, the boys and I walked to my house so I could get a change of clothes because Tina and Chris were not able to get home that day because of the weather. It was a great excuse for them to play in the snow. There were lots of other kids out playing in it, too. While they played in the front year, I ran in and filled a tote bag with things I needed and some treats for the boys. When it was time to make the walk home (I didn’t want them staying out in the cold too long and although the walk is only about a half mile, because of the depth of the snow, it would take us about ten minutes or more) we put the tote bag in a little plastic snow disk that I pulled behind me all the way home.


That was Wednesday. Today is Sunday. The snow is still all here. We haven’t been above freezing since then so it’s sill all here. When I tried to drive my car home on Thursday, I couldn’t get it to start. Apparently, the cold zapped my battery. We eventually got it going and I was able to get home driving along the tracks of other cars but when I got to my driveway, I couldn’t get in so Chris had to come and shovel my driveway so I could get in.

I haven’t left home since then. Not just because of the snow. You might remember that I have been having horrible back pain. My back finally gave out on me on Friday when I tried to get out of bed. After two days of it hurting so much that I couldn’t walk without my cane and even at that it would take me very literally eleven minutes to get to the bathroom, which is only less than fifteen feet away from my couch, I took to the Internet to see if I could diagnose my problem. I did. By then, the pain was not along my entire back. It was just on my left side and it was way low and radiating down my leg. I discovered that it is, most likely, sciatica. Since then I have been applying heat, taking leftover pain pills a couple of times a day (long enough so that I can get a little sleep which I can’t do without the pain pills) and trying to get through the pain. It is quite literally a pain in the butt! I’ve tried to write this post since Friday but haven’t been able to get in a position where I could open the laptop and type without severe pain. Today, however, I woke up with a little less pain! There is still a lot of weakness so I’m still having to rely on my cane to get around inside the house…both for walking and for grabbing things closer to me. I still cannot bend over or reach up without pain but I am not going to complain because, for now, it’s so much better! I’m hoping it will continue to be better so that I can walk around, inside because there is still seven inches of snow outside! Walking is supposed to help work the muscle that is causing the pain.

Now we are looking forward to a warm up in temperature AND heavy rain. That means the snow will melt and we will, most likely, have flooding. We haven’t flooded here where I live in the past and I am hoping that we don’t flood here now. The last time we had this much (and even more) snow was in 2008 and we didn’t flood, although the mobile home park just a quarter of a mile away from here did flood. Crossing fingers. Cross your for me, too, pleas.

I haven’t been able to read this week. I have watched TV, well DVDs. I pulled out my DVD copies of an old show that I really used to love. It’s called Once And Again. It’s a late 90’s ABC show about two divorced parents who meet at school while dropping off their kids and end up in a relationship, with all the problems caused by life, kids, and exes.  I’m hoping to maybe read today, after reading blogs. If the pain stays away, I can. If I don’t come around and read your blog, I apologize in advance. That probably will mean that the pain has returned.

What about you? What have you done this week? Has the weather effected you? What has been on your TV? Reading list? Please tell.


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If we were having coffee, you would find me frustrated and complaining because I want to watch the Olympics and I can’t. I don’t have a TV provider. I use one of those military grade digital antennas that is supposed to grab the signal and bring it to your TV. It does fine with some stations but I cannot get NBC so I can’t watch. And all of the streaming options I have found require you to sign in with your TV provider info, which I don’t have.

I remember growing up and watching every time the Olympics rolled around. I loved the Opening Ceremonies with all of their background information on the sports, the athletes, the venue, etc. I enjoyed watching events like gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, swimming, equestrian, basketball, and on and on. I did get to watch the Opening Ceremonies at my daughter’s house last night. She uses the same kind of antenna that I do but she has reception at her house (about 1/4 mile from me). I don’t necessarily want to camp out over there, besides, the kids use the TV for their videos and games so I would have to wrestle them to get to watch “my stuff.”

In other news, I took a fall at Anderson’s new school yesterday. We are switching schools because the online academy wasn’t working for us. He will be starting at a Charter School. We will still be doing the bulk of the academic work here at my house but twice a week he will go to the school for enrichment classes which he can choose, like art, music, Lego, etc. So we went to pick out the text books we want ordered for him and someone had left a tennis ball on the rug (which was a yellow print) and I didn’t see it so I stepped on it and went flying across the room, trying to catch myself and break the fall but actually probably making it worse. So I’m very sore today. I mostly fell on my knees, which is not good with my past knee injuries. I also twisted my right wrist and left ankle and I must have hit something on the way down because my tail bone really hurts. But, I am glad Tina didn’t fall. She was right behind me so if she had been ahead of me as she was for most of the tour, she might have been the one to step on that ball and fall and that would not be good as she is in her first trimester of pregnancy number three. So at least I take a bit of relief in the thought that I might have prevented her and the baby from being hurt.

During our tour yesterday, I asked about the possibility of teaching one of the enrichment classes because their website mentioned that they welcomed parents offering such things. Well, I was thinking maybe a creative writing class every couple of weeks. I came out with a binder from Institute For Excellence In Writing which is a whole one year curriculum that they want taught and the woman who did it previously can no longer do it. So I guess I bit off more than I can chew but I will be talking to them next week and letting them know I will be using a combination of my method (National Writing Project) and theirs. And we can iron out the details about frequency and length of lessons. If we can’t then maybe I won’t do it. We’ll see. I want it to be fun. My favorite thing to teach is Creative Writing. I love getting people excited about writing. The curriculum they want taught is mostly academic writing.

I have spent a lot of time trying to do something with my Jamberry business. I have a lot of ideas but they take time to set up and offer on my website and all of my time has been spent helping my daughter with the boys. She is having A LOT of morning sickness and spends most of the day in bed so I watch the boys over at her house and can’t do my stuff! This week, Chris worked from home a couple of days so I stayed home and tried to concentrate on Jamberry until the afternoon when I was called to help with something or other. We’ll see how this week goes. Keeping my fingers crossed. On Thursday, I will be doing the closing shift at the Jamberry booth at the Clark County Fair in Washington. It’s from 7 to 10 but I will need to leave early because of drive time traffic which can double the normally 30 minute drive for me. It’s a little step in helping out my business. Hopefully it helps to keep me afloat for a little bit longer.

All that translates to no reading or writing time. I hope to fix that soon.

What has your week been like? Are you watching the Olympics? What are your favorite events to watch? Are you rooting for any particular athlete?

That’s about it for now. I need to change positions and maybe take something for pain. See you next time! Leaving you with a selfie that I put through Prisma. I kinda like this one.


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Have you ever been on a cruise? I always wanted to go on one, until I did. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy traveling and I even enjoyed the cruise but there is always at least one thing we don’t like but have to live through to finally enjoy our trip. Sometimes it’s the packing that you just can’t stand but without packing, there’s no trip! I really hate the getting to the airport from the time I leave until the time I board the plane and put on my seat belt, but I love the actual flight.

I love cruising. I’ve only been on two but that’s enough to tell you that I want to go on more and that I don’t want to go on any more! I don’t mind the waiting endlessly to board the ship. I don’t mind listening to the “orientation assembly” where they tell you everything you need to know that you already know (because let’s face it, who goes on a cruise without reading everything possible on the internet?).  The one thing…just one thing that I absolutely cannot stand is the Muster Drill. You have to have one, it’s required by the Coast Guard or whoever administers those things. The Muster Drill, for those that don’t know, is like a fire drill. The horn/signal sounds and everyone has to drop what they are doing and rush to the escape location; rush up or down stairs; meet in the designated location and line up to be counted. That’s how they know everyone will know what to do in case of an emergency. They are very strict about it. If you skip it, they come find you and I have heard that in some cases, they will make you disembark or drop you off at the first stop. They ARE serious about it.

The first time I went on a cruise, it was to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday. We went on the cruise from San Pedro, CA to Ensenada, Mexico and back. It was great fun. But the Muster Drill was not. I hated it because they really rushed us and I felt like I had to run and I have a bad knee and back and I can’t rush like that. There were A LOT of stairs, too. Then we had to stand out there until everyone was counted and they had to count several times because the count was off so it took over an hour of standing time before we could go back to enjoy our cruise. I said I wouldn’t do it again.

Then, years later, came the invitation to my high school reunion, on a cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada. So I went. I invited my sister and she went with me. She has problems with her back and can’t do stairs easily. So when the alarm sounded for the Muster Drill, off we went. We were the first ones to the exit location and we had to lead all the others up the stairs. At the top of the first flight of stairs, one of the crew members saw us both struggling and told us to go around the corner and use the elevator. Yay! Off we went. We got in the elevator and there was a different crew member telling people not to get on the elevator. We ignored her and said we had been told to use the elevator. She kind of ignored us and started the spiel: “In case of an emergency, if the ship sinks, the elevator will get filled with water and you could drown…”  I was feeling punchy so I answered, “Yeah. I know. I saw the movie. It’s called Titantic. It’s pretty good. You should see it.” And I pushed the elevator for the floor we needed as the doors closed.

Yeah. Sometimes I crack myself up. But rarely. THAT’S why I probably won’t go on another cruise. Remind me of this if at any time in the future you read that I am going on a cruise!

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[This is another story that shows how Mother Nature steps in to slow us down. This happened about three years ago.]

Susie was doubled over crossing her legs in that “I gotta go pee!” dance and inhaling shrieks of laughter. Not sure whether to be mad at her for laughing at me or join her in her obvious enjoyment of the moment, I paused long enough for her to be able to mutter, “I’m not laughing at you,” then as she squirmed for the bathroom, she added, “Mommie, really I’m not. Wait. Wait,” and she closed the bathroom door. Minutes later, she came out of the bathroom, took one look at me and started convulsing with laughter once again. “I’m not, really mommy, I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at the situation!” That’s when I couldn’t hold it in any longer and we both writhed with laughter. (more…)

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