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I lived in California for the first 52 years of my life.  Of those 52 years, 26 of them were spent in southern California.  Certain things were on TV there that are not on in other places.  I didn’t know this until I moved away to Oregon.  Some of the things that are missing I don’t miss.  For example, while I lived in Glendale, especially the last four or five years I lived there, not a week went by when regular programming was not interrupted by live feed of a police chase.  Some were high speed chases and some were slower speeds but police chases, either way.  When I moved to northern California, these police chases weren’t on TV there.  I know that they are still on in southern California because I still subscribe to email alerts from the news stations in Los Angeles.

A couple of things I do miss.  One is the Rose Parade on January 1 each year.  While living in the Los Angeles area, the news would begin coverage of the float building just after Thanksgiving.  The bleachers along Colorado Boulevard began to go up before Thanksgiving.  During the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, there were segments covering the float building, local preparations, and then the arrival of the football teams competing in the Rose Bowl during each news broadcast.  On New Year’s Day, right at 8 AM, if we weren’t already up and tuned it, we would be awakened by the Stealth Bomber flying over our house on its way to its traditional fly over Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, the traditional beginning of the parade!  During the day, the parade would loop over and over on at least one local station so that if we had missed any part of it or just loved to watch it, we could watch all day long.

When I moved to Northern California, the parade was televised once and if lucky, we might catch an airing of an abbreviated Rose Parade during the day on some station.  Now that I live in Oregon, I haven’t found the Rose Parade televised at all…not once.  I’ve looked.  I’ve hoped.  It’s just not televised up here.  I don’t know why, other than possibly because Portland is known as the City Of Roses with its own Rose Parade (held in June each year).  Maybe they just don’t like the competition.  I don’t know but I do know that I miss it.  It was a family tradition since I can remember.  Growing up, we awoke to the parade every single New Year’s Day.  I do miss it.

Then there is the BIG EVENT.  The Academy Awards.  In southern California, coverage begins weeks before the award presentation.  In fact, it pretty much begins when the award nominations are announced four weeks before the actual presentation.  There are interviews with florists, caterers, fashion designers, jewelers, limo companies, and just about any business associated with the event, behind the scenes and in public view.  There are shows completely devoted to trying to guess who the winners will be.  There are trivia segments which feature little known facts.

In the week before the Oscar presentations, the media frenzy is in full swing.  The morning shows feature segments on the upcoming show as well as on shows of the past.  The afternoon news has segments on how the event presentation is impacting local area traffic and business.  Even the meteorologists get involved trying to predict what the weather will be on the afternoon/evening of the award presentation.  The late night news features segments interviewing some of the nominated actors and film industry people.

On Oscar Sunday, it all escalates to include round the clock coverage of something related to the Oscars.  Each TV station competes to find an angle the others haven’t done.  It is far worse than Super Bowl Sunday.  And yet, it’s tradition and somehow, we all looked forward to some part of the Oscar coverage.

And in Oregon, we don’t get that.  We do get a few Oscar related segments, but those are on the National shows like Good Morning America or on the evening national news shows.  It just is not a big deal here.  And I guess that’s understandable.  The Oscars celebrate the movies and the movie industry is a big, big, BIG deal in southern California.

In any case, I miss it.  I’ve never missed an Oscar presentation broadcast with the exception of the night my grandson was born.  He was born early in the morning but when I went to visit him in the afternoon, they wanted me to stay until the nurses came and kicked me out at about 10 that night.  We did have the Oscar show on the TV but the volume was very low so it would not interfere with the baby sleeping or with my daughter trying to rest or with the general quietness of the room.  So I didn’t hear it.  I’m hard of hearing as it is and with the volume almost completely muted, I didn’t hear a word.  I had to wait until I got home and caught some of the coverage on the late news.  I didn’t miss it though.  Some things are more important than Oscar.

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