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e3aaa9b0-00a7-4eaf-a9c8-e788c0612bdaIf we were having coffee, you’d find me in bed. Dressed but watching TV in bed. All weekend. I’m a little down and the news out of Orlando is not helping. My daughter and the boys are out of town so I haven’t been needed since Friday so I’ve been vegging out. They come back tonight and I am babysitting tomorrow. Then Tuesday I will head out of town to help out with the new baby up in Seattle. My son got a new job and has some running around to do before he starts work in a couple of weeks and my daughter-in-law isn’t feeling well. So I will be going up to help with the little one and get in as much cuddling time as possible.

I would mention that I am no longer in the posting every day practice. The busy schedule pretty much took care of that. When I finished with the boys each day, I would be so exhausted when I got home that I would just sit and fall asleep. I quickly got out of the practice and now when I try to sit and write something, I am wordless. Maybe that will change when I am up in Seattle. Although I will be helping out with the baby, I will have a lot of time, I imagine. So we’ll see. Maybe I’ll post a baby picture or two. I hesitate to do that without his mom and dad’s approval, so we’ll see.

And then there is Orlando. Such sadness. Such violence. Such terror. But, other than sympathizing with the victims and their families, and adding my prayers to theirs, I won’t give it many words here because then They win.

I got stuck streaming Gilmore Girls again. I think this is the third time this calendar year that I have streamed all seven seasons. I’m finishing up season five now. So no new titles to report this week. You? I started streaming Grimm when I was at my son’s last month so I will probably take that up again when I am up there. It’s a little different from my normal viewing but I did enjoy it. And books…hopefully I will get to read a bit when I am up there.

So tell me about you! What have you been up to? What is in store for next week?


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