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Just as I decided I needed to turn on the heat so I could get the feeling back in my fingers and toes, I ran into a problem. I can’t turn it on! Well it’s on but not.

The digital thermostat was programmed by the previous owner so that it has “events” which determine when the heat goes on and when it doesn’t go on. It’s not by temperature but by the time of the day and the day of the week. It is set so that when no one was home, the heat would never go on. It can only go on in the early morning hours when the previous owner was home before work and in the evening hours when they were home. It also works on Saturday and Sunday. However, try as I might, I can’t cancel the events or modify them so that the heat can be turned on when I’m home. I’m home all day and all night so I need to have it go on when I determine that it is too cold inside the house.

I’ve looked all over for directions but there aren’t any. There is no battery to take out to reset the thing. I am afraid that I’m doomed to continue wearing thermal underwear and socks and gloves and a hat inside the house. It’s quite limiting. I can’t really move around the house much because the air is so cold. I don’t know. Maybe I should go out and invest in room heaters and forget the fancy heating system. Too bad because it appears to be quite new.

Okay, gotta stop typing. The tips of my fingers are beginning to freeze.

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