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I’m kinda down today. I had big plans. Instead, I awakened to the smell of smoke and sirens in the distance. Jumping up and across to the windows, I could see a lot of smoke kind of hovering over the housing development next to the mobile home park I live in.  Surely there was a fire there.  And it the dancing trees told me it was windy. 

After a thorough search online, it turned out that the sirens were incidental to the smoke I was seeing and smelling.  The smoke was actually blowing in from the northeast where there are wildfires burning across the Columbia River and over the Cascades here in Oregon.

Within a half hour the smoke was so bad that I had to shut my windows and cancel my big plans to take the boys for a hike.  The air is too unhealthy to be hiking.  So I’m down.  I don’t take changes to plans very well.


The sky shouldn’t be brown out there.


Even the sun had a tough time getting through the smoke.

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