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It’s the little things. Always the little things. You know, those things we do instinctively that we sometimes say to ourselves “Why am I doing this? I have to stop!”  When I stay in motels/hotels, I always take the in-room coffee if I don’t use it. It’s a habit. My daughter scolds me for it sometimes. I haven’t been able to break it.

Well, this weekend I ran out of coffee and while I can function without it, I function much better with it. So what to do? No money to buy any, besides I would have to go out to find something I could afford (like $5 for a bag). I know where to go but I don’t really want to go all the way out there (Grocery Outlet) early in the morning, without drinking coffee first. See? Catch 22. So then I looked all over the kitchen (I put stuff in random places, not usually in the same place twice) and found a bunch of little envelopes and packets with in-room coffee and a couple of sample packs that I must have gotten at some point. I even went into  my unpacked bags (I often come home from trips and unpack only what I need from my bag, leaving the rest unpacked until I need it) and found more of the coffee. I emptied it all into my coffee canister and lo and behold, I had half the thing filled! That’s about enough for a week and a half of coffee! Yay!

That was the good thing that happened. It’s a little thing but hey!

The other good thing that happened, this one more substantial, is that I figured out a way to get that check cashed so once it clears next week, I will be okay for a while. Big sigh of relief! I think it will keep me afloat for at least six months so it buys me some time to try to get some work doing copy editing, proof reading, and tarot reading. Yay!

Okay, back to my cup of coffee. And you know, it is not half bad. In-room coffee can be bad but when you mix regular stuff with some nice stuff from nicer hotel stays, it’s not so bad! I can almost taste the bits that were from Starbucks and the Wolfgang Puck packets! Yeah, not half bad!

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