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I have no time for this. I spent a hour of precious time trying to find a NaNoWriMo banner with the theme for the year. Can’t find it. Then I tried to find a participant badge so I can put on here and on FB. Can’t find one. Then I tried to add the NaNoWriMo word count widget here but I can’t seem to do it. I’ve done it all the other years but for some reason, this year it’s not working. Maybe it’s not me. Maybe they aren’t set up yet. In any case, I don’t have the time for all of this. I’m also blogging every day with the NaNoPoblano but I can’t seem to make their thingy work either so I will just have to download the badge and post it every day.

Do you get the idea that I am trying to do a gazillion things in not such a great amount of time? Yeah. That would be me. We’ll see how many of them get done!

On a side note, Anderson spends so much time with me that he picks up a lot of my mannerisms and speech patterns and words. My daughter thinks it’s funny that he, all of the sudden, is saying “a gazillion” every little while. Yup. He got it from me. He doesn’t want to go on a gazillion errands (neither do I) and he wants to spend a gazillion minutes playing Minecraft. The little one picks it up, too. He’s saying stuff like “ay ay ay” and “sorry Charlie” and “later gator.”

Anyway, this is my post for the day and I got it up at a reasonable time. That might not happen much during this month.

What are your personal challenges this month? What are you participating in that is gobbling up all of your time? Yes, that was a reference to turkey day.


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If we were having coffee, it would be more of the same…so busy…so much to do…so tired! It seems that’s the story of my life these days.

Anderson’s birthday trip was quite a success! They didn’t have to pay the extra person rate for me because the reservation was for four and they didn’t count Spencer because he’s under three. I was happy about that because I don’t like to cause anyone to spend on me!

My youngest daughter was supposed to be up here from California yesterday but by the time they got the cars loaded and everything ready to go, it was almost 3 PM and it’s about a ten to eleven hour drive so they wisely chose to stay there for one more day. They are finally on their way now. I was hoping they got an early start but not so much…they didn’t leave til 11 AM. At least they will be here before midnight. I have the key to the house so I will need to go meet them with the key. I will actually go early because the place smells like paint and I want to air it out a little bit before they arrive. I am also taking them a couple of boxes with essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, soap, etc., an air mattress (their furniture doesn’t arrive til later in the week), and a few groceries. So I will go early and hang out til they get in. I’m excited to have them here! Let’s see if I can relax today until they arrive!

The baby shower I am giving for my daughter-in-law is next Saturday. Yesterday, I sent out reminder emails to the people we hadn’t heard from as there was only one person that had replied! Within minutes I heard back from everyone but one. All are coming! We’ll see if that last lady replies. So that’s the next thing on the agenda…baby shower preparations then the drive up north on Friday afternoon.

I’m trying to get some reading done but it seems that by the time I get to the reading, I’m so tired that I fall asleep within just minutes. 😦  Hopefully once the shower is over with, I can get more reading done. I am way, way, way behind. I was going to participate in A to Z this year but I’m having second thoughts. I’m just not feeling like I need to put myself through it. I will probably still post everyday but I’m not doing a theme of any kind.

Other than some complaint about a Jamberry party on Facebook that is going nowhere…no one participating and the hostess remains pretty uninvolved…I think that’s about all on this end. I was so busy and distracted this week that I forgot to post a Weekly Smile. I will try to get one of those up tomorrow! Hhm. Gotta find something smile-worthy to share!

That’s it for this coffee share post. I’m actually off to fix another cup. I’ve been up since before 5 and it is just after noon so I need some coffee if I’m going to stay awake until Miss Susie arrives in another nine hours!  See you next time!


Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly link up hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster. Go check it out!

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