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Now And Then

Another year is just about over and even those that had personal triumphs in 2017 will not argue that it was an incredibly tough year for most; including individuals, countries, and governments. It was a really tough one. And continues to be for the people in places like Mexico and Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Cuba. And of course, Houston, Sonoma County, Los Angeles, and all those areas that suffered through tragedy and storms and devastation.

For me, it was a really tough year, mostly health wise and financially. It turned out much better than it could have and for that I am extremely grateful, but it left its scars as well.

I have a new granddaughter that joins my three grandsons in bringing light, love, and hope into my life. For that, I cannot send up enough thanks.

I know a lot of you have gone through tough times and I join you in saying goodbye to this year and bringing the new one with open arms and ever hopeful that it will bring as much good as 2017 brought bad.

I think one of my first projects for 2018, and I am posting here so that I follow through, is to put together a small collection of thoughts, in ebook form, aimed at the families of the chronically ill. So many just don’t see what chronic illness does to us and it occurred to me recently that there are things I want may family to know that would help us all. Then it was a small leap to conclude that this would be a valuable tool for my family and many others. I’d like to also make a print copy available so that people could actually given them to their families. I started making some note on it last night and I’m hoping I can get a good first draft within the month. I’ll go forward from there.

I think I will be spending the evening at my daughter’s house so I’ll get going to get some things together. One thing I’ve learned is that I need to pack my own food and my own snacks when I’m going to be gone or I suffer for it later on. Of course, it’s entirely possible that she’ll forget that she invited me, in which case I’ll just hang out here at home.

For a last post of the year, I bid you a wonderfully happy and prosperous 2018!

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…y mucho tiempo para gozarlo.

Although many of us see it as the end of one year, I’m looking at this time as the beginning of a new year.  There’s so much waiting for us out there amidst the pages of the 2009 calendar.

Right now I am feeling that life is a journey and I’m eager to see what the coming year brings.  I might take that back depending on what reveals itself in the coming days but right now, I prefer to remain positive and invite the good karma to visit me.  May it visit you, too.

So on this final day of 2008, I wish each of you and yours, “amor, dinero, salud, y mucho tiempo para gozarlo” (love, money, health, and the time to enjoy them).

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One of my friends, when I lived in the Los Angeles area, was Italian. Agnes lived near me. She worked as a Teacher’s Aide in the elementary school where my kids attended and later she worked in the attendance office at the high school where my two older kids attended.

When I got divorced, she became one of my best friends and I spent much of the time when my kids were at their dad’s at Agnes’ house.

The kids knew her well and liked her. We sort of became an extension of her family. They all knew us, my kids and me. We spent many holidays with them.

One of the years when I was alone for New Year’s Eve, she invited me over to her house to watch a movie then celebrate the new year with her and her family. I did go and had a blast. She made deliciously authentic Italian food and the house was full of people and noise and laughter.

The following year, the kids were with me and we were all invited to spend the evening with them. We went. The kids loved it. It was better than being at our house with just the four of us and it was better than being at their dad’s house.

One of the customs that Agnes’ family shared with us, and I believe it’s an Italian custom, is to eat lentils at midnight. They are said to bring good luck and money during the new year, but Agnes warned that we had to eat them right away, right at midnight.

My kids had never eaten lentils before that night but now they ask me on New Year’s Eve if I have my lentils ready for midnight!

I miss Agnes and her family. I haven’t seen them in years. I think a phone call is in order.

(Get your lentils ready by midnight! It’s a chance none of us can afford to miss! 🙂 )

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One year when the kids were little, we booked a trip to Disney World in Orlando.  We left the day after Christmas.  It was the three kids and my ex-husband and me.  We had a great trip staying at one of the Disney hotels and going to the theme parks every day.   The two older kids had a blast swimming in the Mickey Mouse shaped swimming pool and ordering room service with Mickey shaped waffles.

The kids were all little, ten, seven, and one.  We hadn’t ever been to Florida before as our vacation place was Hawaii, which made this trip even more special.  They had been to Disneyland in California but never to Disney World.  We also spent a day driving to Cape Canaveral to see the Kennedy Space Center.

For those who haven’t been there, every night they have the most elaborate fireworks and laser show at Epcot.  At least they did in 1991.  My kids loved the fireworks and we took turns watching the fireworks one night and using that window when everyone was watching the show to go on the rides with long lines during the day.

On New Year’s Eve, they were having an extra long and special fireworks show at Epcot.  We took the kids back to the hotel early so they could rest because we had decided to go to Epcot to watch the New Year’s fireworks show.  The kids ate and bundled up and then we took the monorail to Epcot and found a comfortable spot on one of the little hills across from the lake in Epcot.  We would have a great view!  We waited until the show began and about five minutes into it, I looked over to see Tina crying.  Tina was seven and she had the biggest, fattest tears rolling down her cheeks and was going through that “ugly crying” when you can’t catch your breath and your face is all scrunched up.  I thought something horrible had happened and I asked her what was wrong.  Why was she crying?  Her answer: “Because it will never be 1991 again.” And on came a fresh dose of the heaving cries!

That little seven year old mind was feeling sorry for the year 1991 that was all over and would never come around again.  We still laugh when we think about it and we tease her.  She remembers it well and once in a while, she gets all teary-eyed when we remind her and there we go all over again with the tears!

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