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Today, I have a couple of silly things to share about my grandsons, one from each of them.  I don’t think I have written a post that is exclusively about one of the grands in a couple of months so hopefully this doesn’t bore you.

Spencer turned 2 on April 3 so he’s still a relatively young 2 year old.  He thinks he knows everything and has seen everything but he hasn’t.  The other day, while looking through some of the clothes that didn’t fit before my surgery but might fit now, I found one of my favorite Tshirts.  It is the concert shirt for a show I went to a few years back (2006).  It was Rod Stewart.  I love Rod Stewart, the old stuff and the new stuff and his covers of others’ work.  So I pulled out the Tshirt and washed it and wore it the next day.  As I walked into my daughter’s house, Spencer heard my voice and came running to see me.  Then he stopped dead in his tracks and stared…not at my face but at my shirt which looks like this…

Rod Stewart shirt

Rod Stewart shirt

I talked to Spencer but his eyes were fixed on my shirt and his face was kind of puzzled.  Then I realized that he was looking at a picture of a whole person’s body on my shirt and figured he must be wondering if it was a real person.  I said, It’s okay Spencer, it’s just a picture on Nana’s shirt.  See?” And I pulled the fabric away from me and kind of waved it so he could see it was just a shirt.  Then he smiled and walked up to me and touched my shirt.  Then he was himself again, hugging me and looking in my purse to find the lollipop that is usually hiding there for him.

Then there is Anderson who is 5.  He loves milkshakes.  When we go to the drive thru Starbucks by my house, we also have to drive thru Jack In the Box which is in the same lot.  He gets a milkshake and we get our coffees (Spencer gets a milk with a bit of whipped cream so he thinks it’s a fancy drink).  The other day, when I was at Safeway, I bought some vanilla ice cream and a can of the spray on Cool Whip stuff.  When Anderson came over the next day, I fixed a pitcher of milkshakes in my blender and poured some in a glass for me and some for Anderson in his glass.  I put whipped cream on his and took it to him to surprise him.  He said, “What’s this, Nana?”  I told him it was a milkshake I made specially for him.  He looked at it and said, “Oh man! You can make milkshakes at home?  That’s crazy!” then proceeded to drink his shake.

I guess it all goes to show that we often forget that young children have limited experiences on which to draw so when they come across something new, no matter if it is a picture on a shirt or a treat fixed at home, it is a new experience they are adding to their memory and it might seem a little strange to them at first.  And of course, it makes me laugh at their wonder.

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