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This week, Spencer who is four and pretty much wants to be exactly like his big brother, came home from pre-school and I asked him for a hug. He shook his head. I asked please and he smiled and said  “no hug.” So I pretended to cry and said I was sad because I needed a hug and no one would give me one. He put down everything on his lap and in his hands, got off the couch and came to be and put his arms around my neck. He hugged me for a long, long time and he had the sweetest smile. That one made me smile enough for the whole week.

However, on Tuesday night, Anderson spent the night. When he sleeps over, he wants to sleep in my bed even though there is a twin bed in the spare room. So he was watching TV and I was reading when he asked me if he could have hot chocolate. As I struggled to get off the bed I said, “Nana’s getting old, Anderson.” To which he said, “Yeah that means you’re going to die soon because when people get old, they die.” I asked him what he would do when I die because I wouldn’t be here anymore and he couldn’t see me. He stopped and looked at me and his eyes got all teary and then he smiled and said, “I know! I’m going to make a wish that you will never ever die!”

Pretty neat smiles if you ask me!

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Well, on the one hand it was just another week busy with the grandchildren, but on the other hand, it was a lot more. First, I started tutoring a little fourth grade girl. It’s a pleasure to work with her and I will be working with her twice a week. Then, on Wednesday came the news that there might be a problem with my daughter’s baby so they had her go up the hill to Labor and Delivery to be monitored. I kept the boys and tried to stay sane as I waited for word from them. Finally, around midnight, word came. They were doing a C-section in a few hours. Apparently this little girl had not yet turned and the cord was snuggled in the way of the birth canal so there was no way for the baby’s head to engage if they turned her. The cord presenting like that is not a good thing. There was also excess fluid which is also not a good thing. It was preventing a clear imaging picture. So a C-section it was. Hours and hours later we got word that baby was okay but in NICU and mama was still in Recovery with some minor problems. They were finally reunited about six or seven hours later and they are both fine now.

Of course, I had the boys so we drove up to the hospital (it’s like a major trip) to meet their baby sister on Friday evening. Their auntie, the photographer, also made the trip so there were lots of pictures taken of the boys meeting their little sister for the first time. And we made the trip again on Saturday. Today, nope. I am too exhausted to get them ready and loaded in the car to make the trip. I think they will be coming home tomorrow. Crossing my fingers. I need a break. I haven’t had a moment to myself since Tuesday evening. I can’t think. I can’t even go to the bathroom in peace before one of the boys barges in! So yeah, I need a break!

I did manage to finish reading a novel before all of this happened. It was pretty fantastic. At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through and I really disliked the mother in the book but then things fell into place and it became an amazing story. It’s called Sisters One, Two, Three by Nancy Star.  It’s well worth the read. Have you read a book you could recommend? As far as movies, not much because everything I have watched this week has been an animated kids’ show. Right now we are watching The Bee Movie. They like it and it is allowing me to write this as I sit with them! Yay!

What are YOU up to? Are you looking forward to next week when Emily takes over the Weekend Coffee Share? I am. It should be just as wonderful as it has been with Diana!

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Life goes on.

Busy not being busy. Does that make sense? Well, that seems to be the theme here. I get so busy (time consumption) doing little things that I get lost in it all. Little things meaning helping Tina with the boys as they are sometimes just too much for her to handle; going with her on errands so I can help with the boys or stay in the car with them; taking the boys to the park to play; taking them to eat; keeping them at my house to play.

Well, a lot of those little things are actually huge. Spending time with the grandsons is a “huge little thing.” It’s an important thing. Other things can wait. And because I see them every day, when a time comes when I don’t see them for a day or two, I miss them terribly…and they miss me.

On my last trip to Seattle, I was gone from Tuesday morning to Sunday late afternoon. As I got off of the freeway and was waiting for the light to turn green at the end of the off ramp, I got a text message from my daughter saying Spencer wanted to see me so I texted back that I would stop by. When I got there less than ten minutes later, Spencer was so happy to see me. He hugged me and kept saying “Nana. Nana.” He wouldn’t take his eyes off of me. Then Tina told me that the reason she texted was because Spencer had asked to have his shoes put on and when they were on, he walked out the door and said “go walk Nana” meaning he was going to go walk to my house. She caught up to him as he got to the street and explained that I wasn’t home but would be there soon. So yup, he missed me.

Then, then next day, I was trying to nap and I heard a noise at my door and thought someone was trying to break in. I slowly walked toward the front door and then I heard Spencer and Anderson. I opened the door quickly to find Tina running up the stairs to catch up with them. Spencer had taken off running to my house (he’s three) and Anderson alerted Tina who took off running after him and send Anderson up ahead because he can run faster. So Spencer got to my house first with Anderson arriving about a minute later and Tina another forty-five seconds later…and quite out of breath. We scolded him and told him he can’t come by himself. He has to ask. It is dangerous for little boys to run down the street by himself. He kept nodding that he understood but the next day he did it again!  And two days later he took off but Anderson ran after him (Anderson is 6) and caught him before he got too far. He did fall and he has a lump on his head from Anderson nearly tackling him to stop, but at least they were both safe. And even though they have child proof door knobs and windows, Spencer is smart and can open them. Fence? He climbs over or under. Tina is now thinking of installing security cameras so she can see when he escapes!

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I carry candy in my purse. That’s because I’m a nana that uses it to treat her boys. They know there is always candy in there. The little one, Spencer, just goes straight into my purse to get it out himself. Sometimes he brings the whole purse to me so I can find him some candy (messy purse) but sometimes he just spots it and grabs it.

Lately, we’ve been having a lot of “no” moments when his mom and I both say no to candy because the boys are about to eat or already had too much sugar or something like that. That’s not what they expect to hear from me but they are getting it more often.

The other day, my daughter had to run an errand so I stayed with the boys. She was in the driveway for a bit, putting things into her trunk. Spencer asked for Mom and I told him she was gone. He looked through the window and pointed out there and showed me that Mom was still there. He kept running back and forth to the window and saying “Mom.” I thought he was asking for her so I just kept repeating that Mom was gone and would be back in a while. Then, I heard her car leave the driveway and he ran to the window. He saw her leave and, with a huge smile, ran straight for my purse and brought it to me saying “pop pop” (lollipop). I had to smile. He knew I was more likely to let him have it when his mom was gone so he waited for her to leave then scored his pop pop!

Join us for Trent’s #WeeklySmile. Come smile with us.

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Wacky Wednesday

Anderson spent the night on Tuesday. He woke up at 1:30 in the morning upset because he didn’t have his blankie so Tina brought it over. By then he was in my bed. We got the blanket and turned everything low and I cuddled with him but he still had a lot of trouble getting back to bed. I think it was 4 when I fell asleep and and he was still awake. Needless to say, he slept til after eleven on Wednesday morning.

He didn’t want to go home so we hung out at my house. In the late afternoon we went on some errands with his mom and little  brother. When we got back, they both wanted to stay with me so they did. For a couple of hours. Then Spencer asked for “hum” and got his blankie and walked to the door. Tina came and got him. Anderson stayed.

So it looks like of the past twenty-four hours, I have had one or two little boys for the whole twenty-four hours. Anderson will stay at least til noon tomorrow. Crazy boys! They must be making up for last week when I didn’t see them from Thursday til Tuesday! Of course they picked the days that I need to go get a few things for their Easter baskets! I think I will have to insist on Anderson going home tomorrow so I can go do that before everything is gone.

Hopefully I will get a chance to blog a bit.

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Those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile might remember that four years ago, when my first grandson was born, I was in the delivery room with his mom and dad and I cut the umbilical cord.  I was the first one of us to get a picture of him and the first one that he peed on!  He and I have had a special bond between us.  I see him every day.  He comes over to my house every day, not because he has to be babysat but because he asks to “go to Nana’s house”.  I can never say no so he’s over here every day.  A while back I was jotting down some thoughts that came to mind about Anderson (my grandson) and this is what came up:


His little hand in mine

his total trust

his head on my shoulder

daily visits from which he never wants to go home

he says he wants to live with Nana forever and ever

His giggle when I tickle him

his cry when he has to go home

his bright eyes when I show up to pick him up

I never get tired of him, even when I am dead tired

Somehow with him, my energy knows no bounds

and my love for him grows with each moment

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