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When Anderson, my oldest grandson, was about 18 months old, he spent a lot of time at my house.  When Christmas season came around, I bundled him up one night and put him in the car and went driving around town looking at Christmas decorations.  At first I wasn’t sure if he could see them from the carseat but very quickly I found out that he could.  He loved (and still does) lights, all sorts of lights, so when I was driving around that night, from the back seat came a tiny little voice “yites”.  I looked in the rearview and sure enough, he had a big smile on his face and his finger was pointing out the window.  He could see them!  We drove around for about an hour and a half before coming home.  The next night we did it again, driving to a different neighborhood from the one from the previous night.  He loved it.  So that year, every night I would take him, just the two of us, driving around different parts of town to see Christmas lights.

The following year, we happened upon a neighborhood wth lots of lighted decorations for Halloween so we went every night in search of more lights, just Anderson and me.  It’s a tradition that he and I have followed year after year (well, this is the fourth year) for both Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Last night we included the little one, Spencer, who is 19 months old and just a couple of weeks ago got his carseat flipped around so it is now front facing.  I fixed hot chocolate for them both and put it in sippy cups and put them in the car and off we went.  I was a little hesitant about Spencer because he’s so young and I thought he might get bored and start crying and we would have to come home, ruining it for Anderson.  I should not have worried.  He loved it too and although he isn’t talking very much, by the end of the evening, I could make out “der summore” and “yook at dat” coming from his carseat right behind me.  And the best part was that Anderson didn’t mind sharing this special time with his little brother.  He enjoyed pointing out the lights to him and checking to make sure he could see the lights.

Tonight we went again and I guess it’s clear that I have inadvertently started a tradition for the boys and me to enjoy all on our own.  I think that Anderson will never forget because he’s done it with me enough times and I’m hoping before I have to stop these drives, Spencer will get it imprinted on his memory and won’t forget.  Yup, I’m at the point where I wonder, often these days, how much longer I will be around and how much “my boys”  will remember about their Nana.

I hope they remember.

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