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Join me during the month of April as I blog through the alphabet. My theme will be What’s In A Name. I will attempt to write up a short fictional character sketch beginning with a different letter of the alphabet each day. Remember that a place can also be a character.

I noticed the car before I noticed the driver. It was a Silver Mercedes C250. It drove right past me as I got stuck behind a big rig doing 45 while everyone zipped by doing 75. When I stopped at the Rest Area I noticed the Benz parked there as I slowly pulled out and back to the freeway after my stretch break. The driver was on his cell phone and I couldn’t help noticing that he looked irate. I was glad I didn’t have the pressures that business people seemed to have.

At the next area, sixty-four miles north of the previous one, there it was again. I hadn’t noticed it when it passed me this time but it was in the rest area, no driver.

As I walked toward the rest rooms, I saw the blond man I had seen behind the driver’s seat of the Mercedes. He wore a black three piece pinstripe suit and looked pretty uncomfortable in it. He did smile and nod at me as he mumbled “good day.” The was something about him. His obvious discomfort; his smile; a hesitance which made me feel that he was in no rush to get back to his car or on the road or even back to his life. That’s when I named him. He was simply Mister.

When I got back to my car, the Mercedes Benz was gone and as I drove on, I couldn’t help thinking up all sorts of scenarios about Mister’s life.

A couple of days later, it was on the news. Someone was missing and foul play was suspected. A business man who had last been seen leaving the parking lot of his office building in a silver Mercedes Benz C250. The man’s description matched Mister. The suspicious thing? His car had been found at a rest area, locked, and without its driver. A search had not turned up the driver. He had simply vanished at the rest stop.

I wondered about Mister. What had happened? Was he really missing or had he simply chosen to disappear?

I thought about Mister and kept a close ear out for news. I wanted to know what had happened to Mister and wondered if I would ever find out.

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Have you ever had something happen that you have no idea how it happened? I’m sure we all have.

The other day, I think it was Sunday, my heater stopped working. I have central heat so that meant the house got pretty cold, pretty fast. And this on a day when it was below freezing outside. Not good. My back was also giving me a lot of trouble so I was pretty much huddled in the corner of the couch with blankets and everything I needed, a water bottle, pain medication, apples and Ritz crackers for when I got hungry, remote controls, and phone. So I made do that night and slept with no heat. I did check the batteries in the thermostat and replaced them with new ones, all to no avail. I figured the thermostat was out and would have to get a new one. The problem being that we were pretty much snowed in and the roads were pretty bad even if we’d been able  to get out of our driveways. So it would have to wait. I told my daughter the next day. On Monday night, she sent her boyfriend over to see if he could figure out what was going on with the thermostat. No luck. He fooled around with it for over an hour and said he didn’t know why it wasn’t going on so we might have to get a new thermostat when we could get out. He offered to come back with space heaters but I declined. I do have a couple of them but I really hate to use them. I grew up in the era when houses burned down due to space heater malfunctions. So I braved the cold. Then, about 2:30 in the morning, the heater went on, magically, all on its own. It had been about eight hours since Chris had fooled around with it then it just went on all that time later! Mystery number one. Now I don’t have to freeze.

While I have been housebound, I have been trying to work on ways to earn some money. One of those ways has been copy editing. I am pretty good at it naturally and have also taken a couple of courses on copy editing. So I am hoping to be able to use that skill. One thing that has kept me back is that I don’t own a copy of Microsoft Office. It’s too expensive and neither of my laptops came with it as they are both relatively new. I had been using Open Office but it stopped working. I uninstalled, downloaded the newest version and reinstalled. It still didn’t work. I repeated the uninstall and reinstall a number of times. I couldn’t get any support because the website said it has been discontinued and they don’t have product support anymore. So I gave up. That was early last year. I’ve tried a few times since then. No luck. So I posted on Face Book the other day, asking if anyone knew if WordPerfect was capable of tracking changes when editing documents. I can get a very reasonably priced copy of WordPerfect Suite (under $20) on Amazon. I kept getting people saying that I should use Open Office. I went through my explanations. Then, for the heck of it, I opened it up and tried it. It worked right off the bat! I didn’t do anything. It just started working! Mystery number two. Now I can do my editing. I’m posting on a number of sites to see if I can get some work. Anything would help.

Just two of life’s mysteries. I’m not even sure I want them solved. I know that when I can get out on the road again, I will pick up a new thermostat, just in case. And I will see if I can get a copy of Microsoft Office. I know they sell copies with multiple licenses so I am hoping to find someone that has a legit copy and doesn’t need all of the licenses. Maybe I can buy one of them from them.

Have you had a mystery you’ve not been able to solve?


Not our creation but the boys wanted me to take a picture of it when we walked from their house to mine last week. 

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Every morning, if I am not already awake, I am wakened by a sound at 6:15. It sounds like someone is hitting the side of the house. There shouldn’t be anyone there. There’s a cyclone fence on that side and a redwood fence on the other side. There are gates that keep people (and dogs) out. Yet every morning, there’s that noise. Sometimes I hear it at night but it’s not at a regular time, or at least not that I can tell. But in the morning, without fail, it’s at 6:15.

Yesterday I decided that the next time I was up before 6:15, I would go sit on the porch and see if I could see whomever it was. My feeling was that it was some kid, maybe a teenager, cutting across the yards. I wanted to catch him/her/them. Last night, well this morning, it was the last thing on my mind after all of the firework noise and before before falling asleep around 3. I slept well for a bit then I was wide awake at 5:56. I remembered the sound and the mystery just before rolling over and going back to sleep. I got up and pulled on some jeans and a sweatshirt (it’s 52 degrees); slipped into my flip flops, and went to sit outside. I waited. I watched. Then right at 6:15, there it was. The answer to the mystery. No kid. No teenager. No dog. No thump on the side of the house. What was it? Well, I guess that because I take my hearing aids off (or at least one of them) at night, I didn’t hear what it actually was. I just sort of felt it. It’s my neighbor’s heat pump going off like clockwork at 6:15 every morning. During the day, when I have my hearing aids in (both of them) I can hear the pump as it goes on and off throughout the day. In fact, if I am in the living room, it’s so loud that I have to put the TV up or music or whatever. It’s very loud. But, without hearing aids the sound of the pump cycling on is more of a thump against the outside wall of my house.

Mystery solved. Now I can rest assured there is no one running or walking along the side of my house each morning. Now if only the coffee shop down the street were open this early, I could go get some breakfast. Solving mysteries makes me hungry!


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