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If we were having coffee today, Halloween 205, I would tell you it’s best to keep your distance. I’ve been sick with a yucky cold and sore throat for four days. I had hoped it would be gone by today but no such luck! So be warned, there are cold germs all over here.

Sneeze! Cough! Nose blowing!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this week was a good one, sickness and all. On Tuesday we all went along with Anderson’s kindergarten class to the pumpkin patch. We went in our car; they went on the bus. Spencer got to go through and pick his pumpkin before the bus even got there. He loved running from one to the other and of course, being the little dynamo that he is, he wanted to pick up the biggest and heaviest of the pumpkins. Nope. Not happening. He got a small one, just right for him to carry to the scale to weight and pay for it. Then there was a hayride and a corn maze and eating lunch with Anderson’s class. Lots of fun was had by one and all.

The rest of the week was a student-free week at his school for conferences. So I kept him entertained here at my house. He even slept over three of the last four nights! We painted a tooth fairy box because he has a couple of loose teeth already! He painted it dark blue the modge podged it, then glitter. He’s all set for his teeth to come out now! We painted a jack-o-lantern t-shirt for him to wear, too. He also decorated little pumpkins made from foam sheets. We’ve watched a gazillion Halloween animated specials, too. Last night we carved his pumpkin and roasted the seeds.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. This is my ninth year doing it! I am also doing NaBloPoMo and posting on my blog every day of the month. This year I’ve joined the team at NaBloPoblano for that endeavor. You’ll see more of that in the next day or two if I don’t drop dead from this cold. Ahhhchoo!

Pssst! Want to know a secret? Well it’s sort of not a secret. I’ve known for a couple of months but was sworn to secrecy. This was the hardest secret I’ve had to keep, ever! The word is I will be nana to grandchild number three come next May!  Yay! The tough part is that this one will be in Seattle, not right in the same mobile home park like the other two. Which leads me to secret number two…

My daughter and I will be going to Omaha at the beginning of December to check it out…as in we may move there. Yeah. That’s a big secret. And that will make that Seattle baby so much further away. I don’t like that. However, as you may remember, I did tell you that as of next May I will have zero income. That doesn’t leave me a lot of choices. My daughter wants to move away from here because the cost of living has really increased here (my rent, just for the space here because I own the house, went up from $325 in 2008 to $600 seven years later) and the traffic is getting horrible. There aren’t a lot of jobs here, either. They want me to go with them wherever they go and that’s a good thing otherwise I would have no place to go and I don’t want to be so far from my boys. I don’t think I could stand that. We’re used to them calling me and saying that the boys want to go come over and at the drop of a hat, they are here. I go by their house and stop to invite the boys to go with me to the store or for coffee or even just a drive. They are so much a part of my every day life that I could not be far from them so it’s a good thing they’ve included me. We’ll see if we end up in Omaha or Lincoln or who knows where!

Sneeze! Cough. Cough. Cough.

Well, I have a gazillion things to do. I am determined to put up an altar for dia de los muertos this year and I have to get that set up. Everything is ready to be put together. I also have to write a lot of posts for this blog so I can have something handy to post on days I don’t have time to write something. Prepare to see some picture posts, too.

Before I go, tell me about you. Are you managing to stay healthy? What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? We’re supposed to have another bad storm drop up to a couple of inches of rain today which is not good news for trick-or-treaters!  Books? I’ve not read a lot this week. Not enough time and my eyes hurt because of my cold. Movies? I didn’t get to watch all the horror movies I wanted to because Anderson has been here overnight three times this week and stayed here until bedtime two other nights! I can’t watch horror movies with him in the house. I have to have the volume way up and he would hear it!

Okay, I’m done. I want another cup of coffee so you go ahead and talk to me. I’ll sit quietly and listen, smile, and nod!  Don’t forget to go visit Diana at Part Time Monster to join in the #WeekendCoffeeShare fun! Stay safe and dry tonight! Save me a chocolate from your treats, too!

My new BIG coffee mug!

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