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Reposted Story

I have posted this previously but it occurred to me that it goes with a recent post and I thought some of my readers might like it.

In this post from February 25, I wrote about being afraid of storm drains and the reason why. The post I am sharing with you tonight is a short story I wrote based on a similar night that caused the fear. It is written in a child’s voice.

Headlights In the Rain

I was so tired. I wanted to be home, warm, safe, in my bed, but I wasn’t. My mother and my brothers and sisters and I were walking home from the movies. It was dark and late. We had stayed all afternoon. We watched both movies and the cartoons over and over again. My mother gave us money to get food at the snack bar when we complained we were hungry.

We wanted to go home but my mother said it wasn’t time yet. So we stayed longer. Finally all the movies were over and everyone had left. We were the only ones there and the man came and said we had to leave. So we did.

When we walked outside, it was dark and cold and raining. My little sister complained that she didn’t want to walk. She cried and told my mother to call our father to come get us. My mother said no. She said our father should be asleep now and we couldn’t wake him up. So we started to walk.

This wasn’t the first time. It happened all the time. When my father didn’t have to work on the weekends, he would drink beer. A lot of beer. Then he would fight with us and with our mother. My mother always let him say things to her and even hit her but when he started to hit us, she would get mad at him. She would find a way to send us outside or in the other room where he couldn’t hit us. Then she would come and tell us to get our shoes on and our clothes ready because we were going for a walk. We had to be quiet.

And that is what happened today. He drank his beers. He yelled at my mother. He hit her. Then he started yelling at us. When he got up to hit David, my mother distracted my father and motioned for David to leave the room. Then we got our jackets and quietly waited for her. It didn’t take long. We went to the movies, walking quickly and looking back to make sure he wasn’t following us. Then we watched the movies and waited.

Now we are walking home, in the rain and I know we are all hoping he will be asleep when we get there, or the fighting will start again and we can’t leave at night time, in the rain, because all there is out there are headlights in the rain.

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