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It’s very quiet here today.  Well, except for someone across the street using a power saw and cursing about the “damn union rules”!  But it is mostly quiet.  The kitty is getting acclimated but she wants to be in my arms or on my lap.  She doesn’t like it when I have to move her so I can do something besides hold her or stroke her fur.  But I have to, dear kitty!

I’m working on an ongoing project but right now I am waiting to get some more Command strips.  I am trying to get as many photos out of my phone and onto the walls as I possibly can.  Why take photos and keep them on the phone?  It’s like the boxes and boxes of print photos that I have.  So I have been finding a lot of frames in all sizes, mostly from the Dollar Tree, the Goodwill, Big Lots, and any place else I can think to look.  I just go by when I am in those stores and have a look to see if they have any that are nice, usable, and not too expensive. Then I bring them home and put pictures in them and use Command strips to mount them on the walls.  I have a small stack of photos from my last trip and from park days with the boys that I have sent to be developed (mostly the one hour service at Walgreens).  I pick and choose then I wait for coupon codes to get a deal then order the prints.  Right now I need to get a deal on the Command strips.  I think I found some on Amazon but I’m also looking other places because I sometimes find them on clearance.  It’s nice to look at the walls and see photos of people I love.  I’ve also started printing some of the photos of places…like sunsets, trees, some mission (California mission) photos that I really like. I’m waiting for a deal on enlargements so I can print the photo I took of the sun rising over the top of Haleakala volcano in Maui.

When I get my printer working (it works but it isn’t playing nice with my computer) I want to start printing a lot more pictures in different sizes and this time, instead of framing them I have a different plan.  I want to cover my sliding closet doors (they take up a whole wall in my bedroom) with white paper and then cover the paper with photos that I print on my printer.  A huge collage, if you will.  I remember doing that when I was in college and I think I would really like doing that on the closet in my bedroom. Printing on my computer will be much cheaper and I will be able to manipulate the size and the cropping of the photos much better.

Do you take a lot of pictures?  What do you do with them after you take them?

I’m reorganizing the living room so I can have room to get a scratching post/tree for my kitty.  The boys’ toys are all over the living room in big bins.  I have to minimize that.  I am sorting them into what they still use and getting rid of what they don’t use or maybe just putting them away in the outdoor storage shed.  I also got all their books out of a big bin and onto a small bookshelf that was not being used efficiently in another room. Now to rein in the Legos!  That’s a monumental task!

Well, this is sounding like a coffee share post, which I didn’t mean to do but now I’ve done it so there!  I’m hoping to come up with some new stuff this week..ideas that have been in my head for some time need to come out.  I have to see if I can still think and write like I used to.  We shall see.

Just popping out to say hello.

Just popping out to say hello.

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1. My favorite number is 5 and any other number with 5 in it.
2. I am 5 feet tall. That’s it. Not 1/8th of an inch taller or shorter.
3. I love to dance but I haven’t danced in a long time…long, long time.
4. For about ten years, I was the one that cooked all the food for the Christmas party for the Stanford Chicano/Latino alumni association. We had anywhere from 100 to 150 people each year. That meant that I cooked for days. Mostly I made tamales (usually 3 different kinds), and chicken enchiladas. I sometimes also made menudo. If you don’t know what menudo is, you’re missing out.
5. If you haven’t guessed, I love to cook.
6. When I was in high school I worked in the attendance office after school every day. I operated the old fashioned PBX board (switch board) with over 150 lines going out and 8 incoming lines. I once accidentally disconnected the Principal when he was on an important call with the school district. He was not happy and made sure I knew it.
7. Although I was born and raised in San Jose, I lived in Glendale, California for 26 years before moving to Santa Rosa, California for 4 years.
8. I was trained as a rape crisis counselor when I lived in Santa Rosa.
9. I volunteered to answer the 24 hour rape crisis hotline. I worked the night shift (9 PM to 6 AM) for eight months before I had to quit (because I moved out of state).
10. While it was one of the most important volunteer positions I have ever held, it was also one of the most heartbreaking.

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Come on in and have some coffee with me. I really need to have some this morning. I’m totally exhausted.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you about Anderson’s birthday party. It was yesterday. For once, we didn’t have a lot of kids. There are some that always come because their parents are friends with Anderson’s mom and dad but I think thse friendships are changing, distancing, so those people were not invited this year and that was fine. Most of the kids from his school didn’t come but his little girlfriend came (her name is Kourtney) and a couple of the other kids. So we ended up with four “big kids” (3 1/2 to 5 years old) and two little kids (2 or almost 2). Plus parents for all the kids. It was more fun that way. Anderson got to spend time with all of the kids and they played and watched the Lego Movie. I had prepared games for them and we played a couple of them. They liked that and they liked getting prizes for the games! Pinata time was fun, although Anderson refused to take a swing at the pinata this year. Cake and ice cream and presents were all fun and like clockwork, everyone was ready to walk out the door right at 4. Everyone left at the same time and we were left to just relax. I finally made it home about an hour later and promptly fell asleep for the rest of the day, not waking up until about 9 last night!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about a movie I saw last night, after my long post-party nap. It wasn’t anything I had heard of but it was on the Recently Added to Prime list on Amazon so I gave it a try, mostly because I love Martin Sheen. It’s called Wrinkles and is a feature length animated movie from Spain, dubbed into English. It’s about life in a retirement home. It has a good story with the two main characters. If you get a chance to watch it, I would recommend it.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that today I can just veg out and read blogs. I’m behind and I’m not “on call” with the boys today. Their other grandparents are visiting from Tacoma so I won’t be needed over there today. I need the day off so that’s good. It will be a hectic week coming up so I’m glad for a bit of a breather today. At some point I’ll need to go get some of my stuff from my daughter’s house. I took game stuff and prizes and my helium tank and balloons. I also took a lot of extra stuff that she might need. It will all have to come back later today, or maybe tomorrow. I really don’t want to deal with it today but I don’t want it in her way, either.

What have you been up to? Do you remember a special birthday or birthday party? I never had a birthday party until the year I turned 40 and hosted one for myself. Do you have any movie recommendations for me? And of course, we can’t close up without talking about the weather. How is yours? Ours is changing. We have had a few beautifully clear days. Today it’s gorgeous out but my thermometer tells me that it is only 38 degrees out there so I think I’ll stay in, grab another cup of coffee, and wrap my blanket around me after you leave.

I hope your week is productive and that you find some time to laugh and have a bit of fun!

Mini poster I made from a magazine ad!  I think it's staying up for awhile.

Mini poster I made from a magazine ad! I think it’s staying up for awhile.

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It’s Old

No, not me, although I am old! But today I am thinking of something else. While emptying out the refrigerator the other day, I ran into a can of Red Bull which I knew had been in there a long time. I don’t drink Red Bull or any of those energy drinks. It’s a reminder of my sister. She drinks Red Bull morning, noon, and night. A couple of years ago, the two of us went on a cruise as part of our high school reunion. We graduated different years but from the same high school, in the same decade (the 70’s). One of my classmates had started a Facebook group with the intention of setting up a reunion for all the classes that graduated in the 1970’s. So the cruise was a culmination of that project, although the Facebook group lives on today and is very active. So on this cruise trip, it was required that I drive from Portland in Oregon to San Jose in California to get my sister then we drove together to San Pedro to catch the cruise ship which took us to Catalina then Ensenada, Baja California, then back to San Pedro. On that trip, I bought her Red Bull several times. When I ran into a store to get a Diet Coke for me, I would grab her Red Bull. One of those cans stayed in the car. It ended up coming home to Portland with me. Then when I drove back to San Jose a few months later, I took it to her but it never made it out of the car. In the end, the Red Bull can has made the drive from the San Francisco Bay Area to Portland and back about five times. Finally, it has stayed in the fridge the rest of the time, waiting for my sister to come visit or someone else that might want to drink it. However, the other night, I realized it was time to throw it out when I remembered that I bought the can in November of 2011! So bye bye Red Bull, it was nice not drining you!

So now I ask, what’s the oldest thing in your refrigerator? Go on, go look. I’ll wait!

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