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If we were having coffee, I would most likely tell you more about my first visit to the Oregon coast earlier this past week.  I really loved it.  I’m not a beach person but I am an ocean/water person.  That means that I’m not one to lay out on the beach but I am one to love watching and hearing and smelling the ocean. It makes me feel at peace. Sometimes I really wish that I lived some place where I could watch the ocean daily, from my house/apartment.  In fact, if I ever won the lottery, I just might find a small house with an ocean view, or a lake view (not really ocean but a body of water).  I don’t need anything fancy or big. Just being there would be so wonderful; so calming.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am currently watching storm clouds moving rather rapidly, coming closer and closer.  We had a lot of rain overnight last night, but only for short periods.  We still need more rain and we are supposed to get more this weekend.  It is also very windy.  There was a short power outage last night, too.  I can tell because my clock is flashing at me!  🙂  Oh!  Here it is!  It’s raining!  See, I told you the clouds were moving rapidly!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that last night I met up with Allison from EclecticAli for the first time!  We had dinner downtown and then went off on a blogging related adventure that we will both post about later on!  Stay tuned!  It was fun to meet her.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do something else together soon.  Maybe I can head in her direction for some NaNoWriMo activities in November.  We’ll see!

If we were having coffee, we would be able to hear all my windchimes keeping time with the wind.  I love having so many. I actually have several that were never put back up when the house was painted a couple of years ago.  The painter guy put them under the stairs for safekeeping but then proceeded to enclose the “under the stairs access” when he built the front porch!  So now they are under the stairs but I can’t get to them! I should have a total of about 15 around the house but right now there are only about 7!  They make pretty music for me and let me know just how strong the wind is!

I finally finished reading The Last Will of Moira Leahy.  It was very good.  In fact, it was a lot better than I had anticipated. Now to cue up another book on my Kindle.  Not sure which one but I’ll let you know next week!  I’m also playing The Gilmore Girls in the background when I need some noise and when I sit and brush the kitty.  Long haired cats are a lot of work!  I’ve seen the Gilmore Girls entire series about five or six times. That’s one of the reasons I let it play in the background…I don’t have to pay close attention to it to still know what is going on. I’m thinking of starting Godfather after a bit.  I’m waiting to see if Anderson is coming over.  He has had an upset stomach so I asked them to keep him home until we know what his stomach is doing after he has eaten.  I hope he’ll be okay and he can come but I won’t start the Godfather because it’s not anything he can watch and I would rather watch it in one sitting than have to shut it off when he comes over.  So I’m in a holding pattern!

What is new with you?  What is you go to show/movie when you just need to run something in the background?  Or do you not ever do that?  I guess that’s one of the things that comes from living alone.  I sometimes like to have voices playing, not just music.  Otherwise, it gets pretty quiet here.

So tell me about your week.  Last week?  This coming week? What’s new? What’s planned?


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