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A while back, I read Dale’s blog about 50 Happy Things. It’s a blog hop thingy hosted by Tales From the Motherland. The idea is to take just fifteen minutes and quickly jot down fifty things that make you happy. I really wanted to do it and I started a list but I lost it when the boys came to stay for awhile and ended up watching TV on my bed. That’s where the list was, in long hand. Oops!  Then I started a list in my Memo app on my smartphone but the phone rang and I exited the app so I could pick up the phone because I’m strange that way. Well, when I went back to the list, it wasn’t there. I forgot to click on SAVE before exiting! Oops!

So here I am, two weeks after they were supposed to be posted and at the end of the first month of the year and no list of fifty things! So I decided to give it a try after I read Ra’s list. Only I’m realistic. It’s after ten at night. I’m exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open and my mind is zapped. So I am going to give it a try but I will be happy if I can get to eighteen happy things because it goes with the year 2018! So I’m crossing my fingers (not really or I can’t write/type) and jumping in.

  1. Spencer who keeps me company most days these days.
  2. Anderson who says he wants to live with me forever.
  3. Maya who is turning one in a week and loves me so much she practically jumps on top of me when I go over there!
  4. Mati, even though I rarely get to see him. He makes me smile every time I go into the living room because I have a photo frame with lots of his pictures and it comes to life with motion and his pictures start streaming (it’s a cloud based photo album).
  5. Tony because he is the perfect son. No explanation needed.
  6. Tina because she is a thoughtful daughter, sometimes only to others but more and more so to my needs.
  7. Susie because she makes me smile and gives me hope! She is the daughter I had for me and names for me.
  8. My house. Even though it is always messier than messy, it’s mine and I can come here and just be. Even if that is by myself.
  9. TV because it fills the silence when I need it to.
  10. Technology because it makes our lives richer, mostly.
  11. Streaming capabilities because I can watch a lot of things without having to buy them!
  12. The West Wing because, well because it’s the perfect show. Then. Now. Tomorrow.
  13. Heaters. Because it was awfully cold in here when the heat went out. I ended up buying room heaters and now I can have any room as cozy as I need to.
  14. My Samsung Galaxy s7 because it is constantly with me and I do everything on it. Everything. Hhm. Maybe I should give it a name.
  15. Lularoe clothing because after gaining 100 pounds, it is the only thing that fits!
  16. Coffee because it keeps me going when I have to keep going.
  17. Chocolate. Well because…CHOCOLATE!
  18. My car because it gets me places when I have to go, even when I don’t want to but have to.

Okay, I got to 18. I owe another 32!



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Momma seems to be giving me a lot to write about. There was yesterday’s Sassy post and today’s post. Last week, she tagged me to do the Love It! Hate It! meme in which the blogger is supposed to list ten things they love and ten things they hate. There was some discussion as to the use of the word “hate”. I agree with the other bloggers that it’s a strong word and, for the most part, I don’t use it. In fact, I wrote about it here. I use the word/s dislike/strongly dislike. That said, I thought I would use today, Tuesday, to post the list as I am sort of posting lists on Tuesdays anyway.

Ten Things I Dislike
1. Saying “no” to anyone but especially to my grandsons
2. Flying…from the time I leave for the airport until the time I get into my seat on the plane
3. Being alone on holidays
4. Saying “goodbye” at the end of a visit with my kids/grand kids
5. Interruptions when I am writing
6. Going to the doctor
7. A bottle of wine when it is empty
8. Answering the phone when I don’t know who is calling
9. Answering the door when I don’t know who is knocking
10. The end of the day on December 25th

Ten Things I Love (because I like to end on the positive)
1. My two grandsons, Anderson and Spencer.
2. My three kids (they’re grown), Tony, Tina, and Susie
3. My siblings and my parents, both the ones no longer here and the ones still here
4. Traveling, except the part covered in #2 of the Dislike list
5. Me, Myself, and I
6. Writing, including blogging with which I could not be without
7. Reading, which means my Kindle
8. Any holidays in which I am with my family
9. Kisses from the grandsons, even when they are sticky ones
10. Hope

I am not tagging ten people. I am just letting you rise to the challenge, if you so choose.

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Works For Me

I’ve been searching for blog memes for each day of the week so I can get some blogging ideas. It’s that time of the year when I am preparing for NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo at the same time. I thought I would write some blog posts ahead of time and save them so I can post them in November. There are so many day of the week memes out there! Some are really interesting but they’re not really leading to things I’d like to write for my blog. So I will keep on looking.

One site I came upon lists memes for every day of the week. It’s called Heart of Wisdom. I suggest you take a look if you are stuck for blog post ideas. You should find something there.

One thing I’ve been meaning to write about as a tip for other mothers, actually fits in with one of the Wednesday blog memes, Works For Me Wednesday (I actually ended up with a dead link so I haven’t looked at that site). I have a whole bunch of tips. At one time I actually considered putting them all together in a book and selling them but I’ve not done it. Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to ever come across as the Know-It-All (or thinks she knows it all) on any subject!

Any mom or dad feels like taking their child’s pain and fear away when they’re hurt. The pain will eventually go away but the fear drives the pain and the panic. When a child gets hurt and sees their own blood, they panic and start to cry and scream. When they have a bIoody nose, they truly panic and it adds to the fear everyone has at the time. How do you deal with the fear from the child seeing their own blood? Buy RED wash cloths. That way, when you need to clean up their scratches or cuts, the blood will blend in with the color of the wash cloth and the child won’t see it and won’t panic! Make sense? Yup! And it works, too. I read this tip when my oldest was about six or seven and we had already gone through many bloody cuts and scrapes and nose bleeds with lots of fear and tears. I went out and bought a half a dozen red wash cloths and started using them when the kids were hurt. It worked! Gone were the tears and the panic!

So, if you ever have young ones in your house run out and buy some red wash cloths and have them on hand for the next time they’re hurt. You won’t be sorry!

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