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Friday 56


I’m really enjoying Rokitansky by Alice Darwin. It is about three different women, each in a different stage of their life. The chapters rotate from Moira to Tori to Ms Brown. As of this writing, I don’t yet know what connects them, although I can guess, as that has yet to be revealed. So far, very interesting and very sad.

“The letter from the stranger had made Tori cry. harry had wanted to cry watching her read it. He had grown accustomed to watching his wife have her heart repeatedly broken. He felt powerless to stop it from happening again, unable to mend her.” (55% on Kindle)

*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
(If you have to improvise, that’s ok.)
*Find any sentence, (or few, just don’t spoil it)
*Post it.
*Add your (url) post in Linky here. Add the post url, not your blog url.
*It’s that simple.

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iTunes Meme

My friend posted a meme about iTunes.  I thought it interesting and tried to do it myself.  I don’t do much but the basics on iTunes so some of it I couldn’t do but here’s what I could do:

Total number of songs?


Sort by song title
First and last…

First:  ABC – The Jackson Five
Last:   98.6 — Keith

Sort by time
Shortest and longest…

Shortest:   Into the Deep– Kevin Kendle (0:40)
Longest:   In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida –Iron Butterfly (17:02)

Sort by Album
First and last…

First:  Abbey Road – Beatles
Last:   Yours Always – Willie Nelson

Sort by Artist
First and last…

First: A-ha
Last:   Zager & Evans

Top five played songs…
I couldn’t figure out how to do this.  I looked and looked but saw no option to sort or display this info.

Find the following words. How many songs show up?

Sex: 4
Death: 6
Love: 314
You: 489
Home: 35
Boy: 88
Girl: 57

First five songs that come up on iTunes DJ…

I have no idea how to use iTunes DJ.  Don’t even see it as an option.

Sort Songs by Date Played:
Last Played

This Little Girl Of Mine – The Everly Brothers (January 12, 2010)

Genius Mixes:
I don’t use  iTunes Genius.

NOTE:  Ironically, while writing this post, I discovered that the external drive that I have EVERYTHING on, including all of my writing, photos, and music from the past 18 years, is no longer working.  That means that I’ve lost everything.  Not fun.  The iTunes library can be pretty much restored because it’s all from my own CDs, mostly anyway.  The rest of the stuff can’t be restored.  Not a happy camper at the moment.

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My Own Twist

A couple of days ago, a blogging friend posted a meme which listed the first line of the first post for each month of the past year.  I thought that was an interesting idea.  I decided to do that here.  However, being me, I decided to change it a bit.  What I’ve done below is post the LAST line of the LAST post I made for each month of 2009.  Not asking anyone to do this but if you like it and you’re stuck for a topic, hey here’s the answer!


I know Ashley Wilks will be missed and thought of and remembered many years from now.


I now know it wasn’t me, but I still think about it often and I still wish they had had the decency to utter a simple “thank you.”


I’m sorry to dump drama upon drama upon drama on all of you.


Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.


And as my dad is so fond of saying, “no hay mal que por bien no venga.”


But I HAVE seen them now!


I’m sure my Molly doesn’t like that anymore than the visiting relatives!


Not all was lost.


That says a lot.


Now we are walking home, in the rain and I know we are all hoping he will be asleep when we get there, or the fighting will start again and we can’t leave at night time, in the rain, because all there is out there are headlights in the rain.


Okay, tomorrow back to regularly scheduled blogging!


So in the coming ten years, I hope to see you all on the Internet(s)!

Wow! A whole year of blogging in a nutshell.

And a warning: As I find myself unable to write new things at this time, you might just find a number of posts coming up which go along the lines of the fifth line of the fifth blog written every fifth month since I started blogging; the third to the last line of the the third to the last blog written every month; etc., etc.  The possibility is almost endless!

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Okay, Here I Go…

Amuirin tagged me for this meme and I’ll play because it’s been a long time since I’ve been tagged and because I need a post for today.  Below you’ll find the “Rules” and my 7 random facts about me.  And for the record, I won’t be tagging anyone but I will list 7 blogs I read regularly that I’d like to share with you.

Here are the rules, such as they are: Players start with 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and then post 7 random facts. Players should tag 7 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

1.  I recently moved from California to Oregon.  It was not an easy thing to decide to leave the state I was born in and had lived in for 52 years but I guess life is not always easy and so I left my heart in California.

2.  I am a former teacher and really miss being in the classroom.  I have taught grades 3 through 7 as well as K-12 as a substitute, adult ESL (English As A Second Language) classes, and have taught writing techniques to other teachers.  I miss it.

3.  I am currently participating in my fourth try at writing a novel in 30 days, otherwise known as Nanowrimo.  I’ve completed my goal two other times and am well within range to do it again this year.  I think everyone should try it at least once!

4.  I am also participating in my second try at NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month in which you post a blog entry every day of the month.  I did it last year and it was challenging but fun.  So far, this year has been fun!

5.  I’m an empty nester and lately I’ve been giving this a lot of thought.  My kids are grown, 26, 23, and 18.  They still call me when they need something.  My 18 year old called me a couple of hours ago to ask me if she could drive her car to the gas station if the tire is flat.  My son sometimes calls me from the grocery store to ask me where in the store he should look for a certain ingredient.  Both my 18 and 26 year olds are over 700 miles away but they still call mom when they need help.  My 23 year old was here last night because she didn’t feel well.  She needed mom to make her comfort food and get her groceries and I guess she just needed a hug, which I gladly gave.  The thing that gets me about empty nesters is that society looks at us as if our job is done and we’re no longer needed.  They make us feel like this.  That’s not right and it certainly isn’t true!

6.  When I was in school, I was in a number of plays.  I loved being on stage.  In college, I was a member of out “teatro” group, or street theater.  We performed in dining halls,  dorms, and outdoors.  I truly enjoyed it and wish I had done more of it.

7.  In January of 2007 I gave up eating meat and eggs.  I had high cholesterol (too high for a diabetic) so the doctor put me on medication to lower it and I decided to not eat meat or egges for health reasons.  I do eat fish.  I eat meat once a week so I don’t lose that meat digesting enzyme.  Eating it once a week allows me to not really miss eating meat too much and also lets me feel less awkward on social occasions where there aren’t a lot of vegetarian choices!  So far, it works!

Here are 7 blogs I enjoy reading.  There are a lot more I read and can recommend but I’m keeping it seven so it works with the meme.  Should any of you feel like you escaped the bullet by not being tagged, visit these blogs:

Uno  The Cheek of God

Dos  Secret, Secret

Tres  Techno Earth Mama

Cuatro  Positively Glorious

Cinco  Visual Thoughts

Seis  Are You There, Blog?  It’s Me…

Siete  Stumbling Along the Path

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Okay, I have procrastinated long enough. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been tagged for this meme FOUR times. So Deadpan, Tigereye, Elissa, and Someone-Else-That-I-Can’t-Remember, here you go!

Here are the rules (I do memes my way so don’t be surprised if I fudge on the rules). I have to post five links to previous entries.

The first one must be about family. Let’s revisit my Accidental Traditions post which is kind of Christmasy but really mostly about my kids and I.

The second must be about friends. I would like to re-share Everyday Hero about my friend Dean Christy, who was not ever found. In fact, as of a week ago when I last checked, his body has not been recovered.

The third is supposed to be about me. Let’s laugh at me. Confessions Of A One Time Santa will do that.

The fourth link has to be about something I love. This is tough. I love my kids. I have three. Meet Tony, Tina, and Susie.

The fifth can be anything I want. This is tough. I think this one is kind of one of those posts that we can all relate to. It’s about life getting in the way of our plans.

Now, according to the second set of rules, I have to tag five other people, two of whom are new acquaintances so that we may get to know each other better. I want to know you ALL better and I don’t like tagging so if you are reading this, consider filling this out and posting it on your blog and then link back here.

Here are five bloggers I would like to introduce you to:


Quill Gordon

Steve Peer (go make friends with him, he’s far from home)

Ron — beautiful photography, and usually wonderful music to match!

The Little Fluffy Cat — for a view of life from a cat’s point of view

Okay, I’ve done my job! Whew!

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