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I’ve debated about writing this. On the one hand, it’s too much whining and I have done more of that than I like to do. On the other hand, I guess maybe someone will learn something or someone will have some encouraging words. I’m at the point, almost, of just giving up.

It’s this weight thing with the insulin. I continue to put on weight and the medication that may help me is still not being approved. The tiny sliver of hope just popped up in my inbox. The doctor’s office responded that they are still working on authorization and they should get it but it may be another week. Crossing my fingers that they are right.

Until I can talk to the doctor and/or the dietitian, I think I’m going to try those liquid meal replacements for diabetics. Each one is supposed to be a full meal and they have about fifteen carbs. I think if I do that I might not need very much insulin at all. But I don’t even know if I am thinking this out right. My mind is foggy these days.

And my hands hurt, my fingers. I don’t know if it is my arthritis or the extra weight or something else. All of my lab work done at the beginning of this month was really positive. My A1c is within normal range; my cholesterol is in the lower part of the normal range; lipids are fine; liver function is good. So I am thinking it is my arthritis. It’s quite painful and to have it in my hands makes it worse because it is difficult to use my hands too much because of the pain.

See? Too much whining. I am trying to keep positive but some days are tougher than others and this is one of those days.

If you are so inclined, please hold positive thoughts for me. Send me some magic ju-ju!


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