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Remember that?  Many moons ago, we used to say that to each other when we were growing up.  High school.  Actually,  if memory serves, prior to high school.  And if you think about it, you probably can remember a person and an incident where this would have been an appropriate thing to say, right?  We’ve all been there.  Far too often, people fail to act their age.

Through a popular social networking site, I’ve recently come into contact with a large group of people that I went to high school with.  High school was a long, long time ago.  For me, it was almost 38 years ago that I graduated.  For others in the group, it’s a bit longer, over 40 years.  Obviously, none of us in the group is a teenager anymore.  What I find interesting is that people that haven’t seen each other in a long time, in decades, once reunited will revert to acting the same age they were the last time they saw each other.  It’s funny to watch.  It’s even embarrassing at times.  No, not me, but I am embarrassed to watch other 50+ people acting as though they were fifteen or sixteen.

I’m not talking about just reminiscing.  That can be fun.  Posting youtube clips of songs that were popular back in the day is fun.  Listing games we played is fun.  Listing activities we used to participate in is fun.  Complaining about some of our old teachers can be fun. And comparing “battle scars” from back in the day can also be fun.  However, it’s painful to watch some of these people talk (well type, actually) as if they were back in high school.  It’s painful to watch some of them acting as if they are teenagers on the prowl for “romantic” reasons.  It’s painful to watch some of them bragging about still looking as young as they did in high school.  Believe me, I’ve seen some of them and either they looked like geriatric patients in high school or they are far from youthful looking today.  They’re over 50 and look every day of it.  They don’t look 18.  They don’t look 25.  They don’t even look 35.  Or 40.  And if anyone is telling them that (besides themselves when they look in the defective mirror) then they should be truly suspicious about that person’s motives and they should not run out and change their wills!  And it’s not exclusive to women.  They guys are just as guilty of it.  Come on people, you really look nothing at all like a high school or college student…not even a grad student!  Grow up!  Face the facts.  If He is telling you that you look like you’re 25, it’s because he figures you’ll be a sure thing if he says that to you and if She is telling you that you look like you’re 25, it’s because she’s looking for a sugar daddy!  Face the facts.  Face the mirror.  Face the truth and your age!

Fifty is a number and an attitude.  It’s not a death sentence.  You can be 50 and over and have a lot of life and a lot of fun left in you.   Stop pretending that you’re younger than your own kids and grandkids!

Face the facts.  But on your happy face and your dancing shoes and go out and have some fun!

Act your age, not your shoe size!

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