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As some of you may remember, I am currently house sitting for my son and daughter-in-law. I was determined to keep blogging and keep up with my social media stuff so I packed my laptop. Well, when I arrived and unpacked, I realized that in my haste to get on the road on time, I had forgotten the charger for my laptop. Sigh. My son got out my daughter-in-law’s laptop which she rarely uses and set it up to charge. Yay! Or so I thought. First, there was a password which we finally figured out over a number of text messages. Yay! I was able to use it on Wednesday night for checking email and Facebook. I put it away for the night and didn’t open it again until early evening on Thursday. I wrote my blog post on it and read a few emails and checked Facebook. About twenty minutes into using it, I got the Blue Screen Of Death, along with a message saying “Critical Process Died” and a reassurance that it would start up again as soon as they finished collecting info. It finally restarted but I had decided to watch a movie so I put it away, connecting it to the charger so I could take it into the bedroom at bedtime to watch a movie on it.  Well, when it was time to go to bed, I pushed the power button and nothing happened. I pushed it again. Nothing. No power to it at all. I kept trying. Nothing. Nada. Rien. Zilch. I’ve been trying off and on since 1 am. It’s now 10 am. No luck. So I guess I killed my daughter-in-law’s computer and I feel so bad about it.

Yup, sometimes life is like that. Now I’m trying to keep up with things on my tablen, with a bluetooth keyboard. Sigh. I don’t care so much about that. I just want that laptop to come back to life again so I don’t have to face Sarah with a dead laptop. 😦

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This morning when I went to make my coffee, I realized I had not turned on the dishwasher before going to bed so most of my coffee cups were dirty.  I pulled out the first clean mug I saw and proceeded to make my coffee.  I brew it with one of those single cup cone thingies.  So I poured the hot water in and left to do something else while it dripped through the filter.  I came back to find spilled coffee all over.  I had forgotten to allow for the cup size.  I usually use one of my 16 oz Starbucks mug but all of those were dirty so the one I had pulled out was my old Harry Potter mug which only holds 10 oz. so the rest had spilled all over.  I figured it was going to be “one of those days” and braced myself.  The next thing wasn’t too bad.  I reached for my Sweet N Low and there was none.  I looked in the cupboard because I usually buy three or four boxes so I don’t run out.  I couldn’t find any.  So I raided my purse and found two packets, used those and enjoyed my coffee.

When I got to my daughter’s house to get my grandson for school, his dad had overslept.  In fact, he was still asleep.  So I had to bang on the door until it was answwered and get my grandson ready for school then take him.  Of course, he was late by ten minutes and was upset because everyone else was already there and they were all singing and have a good time (without him).  He hung on to me and didn’t want to go into the classroom.  I went in with him but then he didn’t want to let go of my leg.  It took some cajoling but I finally got away.

I went to one store to get some snacks and some stocking fillers but there wasn’t a good selection so I left to another store.  After going up and down  every aisle, I headed for the checkout and waited in line with my shopping cart.  When it was time for me to put my stuff on the counter, I realized it was empty.  I wasn’t buying anything yet I had spaced out and gotten in line and waited!  I had a good laugh as did the cashier and the other customers.  At least I had saved some money!  At that point, I decided to head for home while I was still ahead!

Some days are just like that.

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