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Sometimes the best smiles happen when you least expect them!

Yesterday, I accompanied my daughter and the two boys on a few errands. We went in my car so when we got back to their house, I stayed a bit and had a sandwich before coming home. When it was time to come home, I had two boys saying they wanted to come home with me so I brought them home and brought their little wading pool. I set up the wading pool first but by the time it filled with water, they were distracted playing with other stuff; exploring the yard. When they are in the yard, I go out and sit with them to watch them because the front yard is not fenced in. So I sat out there until they came inside the house. They played and played. They were here for about three hours then Spencer wanted to go home. Anderson did not. I told Anderson that he had to go with me to take Spencer home but he could come back with me if he wanted to so that’s what we did. When we got to their house, Spencer went in and Anderson stayed in the car so we came back to my house. When we got in the driveway, Anderson wanted to stay in the car and play Legos. He had a few with him. As I got all of our stuff out of the car (the candy, gum and lunch trash and empty water bottles) Anderson ran out of the car and said “Wait a minute!” and ran in the house (it’s a key less entry and he knows the combination). Quicker than I could figure out what was going on, he came out with a bunch more Legos and a building platform and got back in the car.

He played and played with the Legos, inside the car. He didn’t want to go inside. So I stayed in the car with him. For an hour and forty-five minutes! I loved it. It reminded me of when we are alone, Anderson and me. He plays and gets so involved in his play. I watch. He talks. I listen. Lately we haven’t done that because his little brother is always around. Last night, he talked and showed me the Lego figures he had made and what each one was named and what their power was and how they worked. He told me stories about his Lego creations and other stuff.  I really enjoyed it. Finally, he found a memory game I bought for them that we hadn’t played so he said “Let’s go to my house and you can come play the game with us, Nana.” So that’s what we did. We played a Finding Dory memory game for a little while then I came home.

Before I left, he asked why I was leaving and I said because it was time for me to go home and time for him to go to bed. He said, “I want you to go home never, Nana. You have to stay here forever.” That’s when I smiled. And I’m smiling again. I know I’ll smile many times over that memory.


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