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Some of you will remember my posts about Love Rocks (love-rocks.org). I always have a bucket full of them. I put some in several little drawstring bags and carry one in the car at all times. I also give one to the boys when we go for walks or to the park. They greatly enjoy leaving them for someone to find and when we go by where they placed one and it’s gone, they get SO excited! It makes me happy that they like leaving joyful things for others to find.

Over the weekend, Anderson spent a couple of “sleep overs” with me. On Saturday we went out to pull weeds (his idea, not mine) but they did need to be pulled. Then he decided to put out some love rocks for people to find when they walk by. We went inside and got a bag of rocks to put in the yard. Then he grabbed his sidewalk chalk and started to write. He asked me how to spell “sale” and I told him but I also asked him why he wanted to know. He said he wanted to write that the rocks were for sale. I told them we don’t sell the rocks. They are for giving away. He said,  “That’s what I mean, Nana. They are rocks for sale for free. No money.” He added a picture of a boy with a rock in his hand.

free rocks resized


Come on over to Trent’s Weekly Smile to see what others are smiling about and maybe add your own smile!

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Two years ago today (October 20), two little girls, sisters they were, were playing in a big pile of leaves across the street from their house. Along came a car and, not seeing the girls or knowing they were under the leaves, ran over the two girls. The driver felt a bump but didn’t know she had hit the girls so she kept on going. The younger sister, Anna who was six, died at the scene. The older sister, Abby, died at the hospital a day later. She was eleven.

Those of you who have followed my blog the past few months have seen me write about love rocks.  It is Anna and Abby’s mother who started love-rocks.org, as a way to go on living a positive and productive life without her girls. You can read about love rocks here and you can read Anna and Abby’s mom’s personal blog here.

Two years is a long time in many ways and a drop in the bucket in other ways. While Anna and Abby’s mom has been mourning her girls, she has also been living with a degree of comfort and joy knowing that Abby was able to donate organs to a number of others who have had renewed lives over the past two years.

So today, on the anniversary of their “heaven day” as their mom refers to it, I ask you to consider two things. First, if you haven’t already, please consider organ donation. It can mean the difference of life and death for someone. And second, consider joining Anna and Abby’s friends and family marking the passing of another year without them by lighting two luminaries or candles in your porch tonight. They did it last year and are repeating it this year and asking others to join them. (Their mom and dad actually light two candles in their front porch every night.) I plan to and I hope you will too.

Below is a collection of love rocks I’ve made. Download one or two and keep them some place handy. When you’re feeling low, take it out and remember that people care about you and people love you. Or send it to a friend who needs a smile!

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If we were having coffee, we might sit out in the front porch.  We would have to put on a sweater or maybe take a throw out to cover up as it’s a little chilly (51 at the moment.  But it’s sunny and the skies are clear so it’s nice out there.

If we were having coffee, you would see that I am a little bit down today, thinking about the shooting at Umpqua Community College this week.  It’s about a two hour drive from here. Roseburg is a small town, as are many along I-5 up and down the state.  I keep thinking about how devastating it must be for the community.  Then, the day after that shooting, my niece, who lives in Las Vegas, posted about a friend of hers who was shot and killed in her neighborhood that morning.  Her friend’s 7 year old son was also killed in a murder-suicide situation.  Again, that community is in shock over a senseless killing by someone who was, in retrospect, not well.

I haven’t written much about love rocks on this blog.  I’ve mentioned them in passing but I haven’t talked about them much. Love rocks are rocks that have a fabric heart glued to them (I use modge podge).  They are a very simple token of love.  They are left anonymously for people to find or sometimes given to someone who needs a little lift, a smile, a hug.  The idea was started by the mother of two young girls who were killed by a car in front of their house a couple of years ago.  It happened in Forest Grove, a small community west of Portland.  The girls were playing in a pile of leaves and the car didn’t see them, ran over them, and kept on going, not knowing they had run over two girls. It was devastating to the community and the mom, in her grief, remembered how her girls had made “love rocks” for their parents’ wedding (a blended family) and how they had loved making them.  So she started love-rocks.org.  I make them and spread them around, often helped by Anderson and Spencer who love leaving them.  Last night I made over 100 of them and am making more today.  They going out to the Umpqua/Roseburg community along with a lot of others which are being made by the love rocks community all around Oregon. I will also be sending some to my niece in Las Vegas to spread around her neighborhood. It’s not a lot but it makes me feel like I am doing something to help.

Love Rocks  I made last night.

Love Rocks I made last night.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that we are all settling in to Anderson’s school schedule.  Currently, the big problem is getting him to eat at school.  He’s a very picky eater.  He doesn’t like trying new foods.  He will eat hot dogs or corn dogs when they are on the menu.  There was also a day when they had French Toast and scrambled eggs for lunch and he liked that. But he doesn’t like anything else so all he has is the milk from his lunch tray and sometimes the fruit or cookie on the tray.  So we are trying to get him to try new foods.  On October 1st, the new series of Mixels was released. So now the deal is that he can only open a new Mixel on days that he has tried new foods which have protein.  So far, he still hasn’t been able to open any of the Mixels because he hasn’t tried new protein foods!  So the battle continues.  I must say that he comes by his stubborness honestly…he gets it from my side.

Two of the Mixels that adorn my car.

Two of the Mixels that adorn my car.

This week I will be posting another one of my Introducing posts (Monday).  I hope you come by and check it out.  I will also have a co-written post up at Part Time Monster which I will probably reblog here.  I’ll be spending some more time making love rocks each day and I might take a drive to Roseburg to deliver them. And I think this week I will find out what my volunteer assignment will be at Anderson’s school.

So now it’s your turn.  What are you up to?  How is your weather where you are?  I know there has been some very wet weather on the eastern side of our country.  Are you in it?  Are you prepared for it?  I hope you stay safe!  Have a wonderful week!


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