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It’s just 11 am and already I know it is going to be one of those days.

It started when I went to bed last night and left everything ready for this morning so I could sleep in a half hour. I set the alarm for 7:15. Then I got up and could not find one of my hearing aids. I looked and looked. No luck. It was 7:45. So I figured I would get dressed and finish getting ready and maybe I would find the missing hearing aid by the time I was dressed. I was dressed and had my coffee and still no hearing aid. I looked and looked again. No luck. I sometimes take them out when I am in bed or about to nod off on the couch. If I am awake enough, I put them in a safe place (one of the tables next to the bed or the couch). But sometimes I am more than half asleep when I take them out and I either hold them in my hand or put them under my pillow. It wasn’t any place. It was not in the car. Not in my purse or my tote bag. Not under the couch or under the bed.

By then it was time to leave and I hadn’t found it so I figured one hearing aid was better than none. Then came the game I hate. It’s called the “I can’t find my keys game.” I play it often. At that point I was 10 minutes late leaving so I called my daughter to ask if I could use her car. Just as she answered, I found my keys under the front passenger seat. So off I went into the sunshine. We usually have fog at that hour so I wasn’t prepared for the sun. I had to pull over and find my prescription sunglasses and put them on.

I arrived at school to find NO PARKING. So I double parked and stuck a note on the dash saying where I was to be found. I ran in the classroom and realized my prescription sunglasses were still sitting on my nose and they were too dark for indoors. So the principal was there and I asked him to stay with the kids while I ran out to the car for the regular glasses. I gave the kids a starter assignment and ran out to the car.

The rest has gone okay but it’s not even 11:15 so who knows what turn the day will take!

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