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Last night I was reminded that the opening ceremonies for the Olympics will be on tonight.  I don’t watch the Olympic games anymore but I do enjoy watching the opening and closing ceremonies and if there happens to be an event or an athlete that catches my eye on the news, I might tune in to that, too.

This got me to thinking about the Olympics in 1984.  That year, the Olympics were played in Los Angeles, California.  I lived in Glendale at the time, just a few miles away.  The Olympics were all over the place then.  Not only were the event venues spread out from one end of the county to the other, but everywhere one looked, there was Olympic related paraphernalia, stories, merchandise, etc.  As I remember it, it was a time when Los Angeles came together to get the show on the road!

For months, TV and newspapers had focused on the games.  The venues, the athletes, the hidden behind the scenes stories, and all manner of things related to the Olympics.  Regular programming was interrupted at the drop of a hat to cover anything Olympics related.  When the torch relay arrived in the United States, it was all Angelenos’ eyes focused on the event.  As it approached the west coast, the frenzy escalated.

That year, my oldest child was two years old.  He became excited about the Olympics too.  Or rather about Sam the Eagle, I guess.  He had a Sam the Eagle blanket and stuffed animal and a number of shirts as well.  One day, while playing out in the yard with visiting cousins, he grabbed a stick and held it up like a torch and ran all over the yard.  It was really cute and I can still see it in my head.  My whole world focused on my son in those days.  Ever the showman, he loved to perform when asked.  He was still learning to talk at the time and not everything was clear when he said it.  That year the TV was turned on to the Olympic games every day, as long as there were events being televised.  One of the stars of that year’s Olympics was Mary Lou Retton.  One day, as Tony was watching the TV, he got all excited, shouting and pointing at the TV.  I couldn’t figure out what he was saying.  He kept saying “me we woo wet tin” and smiling and pointing.  He said it over and over again.  I couldn’t figure it out.  A little later, he did it again.  I came to the TV to see what he was pointing at.  Mary Lou Retton.  Me we woo wet tin.  Every time she came on TV for an interview or news footage or a commercial, there he was pointing at the TV and calling out “me we woo wet tin”!  By the end of the Olympic games, Tony was imitating the athletes, including Mary Lou Retton as he climbed on the back of the couch and tried to walk across the length of it.  He continued running around the yard carrying his “torch” until eventually it was all forgotten.

I guess I’m thinking about this, not only because it is Olympics time again but because Anderson is the same age now as Tony was then.  He imitates everything on TV and he says a lot that we can’t understand.  He energy is boundless.  It reminds me of then.  It reminds me of those simpler times.

There are few times that I miss Los Angeles.  I guess this is one of them.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back to normal as soon as I finish typing that I miss Los Angeles!


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On our trip to Los Angeles last week, my daughter talked about moving back there. She has been up here for a year and a half. When she left L.A., she said she just couldn’t live there any more. She’d had it. Now she wants to go back. I’m not sure she has thought it all out. She is ready to pack up and leave. I’d prefer that she waited a bit and saved some money and secure a job before she takes off. She just bought a car in November so she has to have money for the payments. Los Angeles is a very expensive place. She can count on paying anywhere from $1800 to $2500 a month for a one bedroom apartment if and when she goes. That means she has to have the income to be able to afford that! (more…)

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Inspired by Smiler’s Thursday Thirteen posts. Thanks, Smiler! You’ve come through with another blog idea for me! This began as a simple list of thirteen items and ended up to be so long that I have divided it into two parts. I will post part 2 in a day or so. By the way, I hope some of you click on the links. It took me hours, quite literally, to find all the links and insert them here for you.

1. San Francisco~This one should almost not count because I grew up an hour south of SF and currently live an hour north of it but many people haven’t been and would like to hear about it, so here it is. A funny thing is that, as a child, my father used to bring us to San Francisco at least once a month. When we had out of town company, we’d take them there to see it for themselves. However, my father ALWAYS complained about the traffic and how confusing it is to get around the city. I ended up being afraid to drive there myself. When I was in college, my friends and I would often visit San Francisco but I never wanted to drive because of the fear instilled by my father. It just made me nervous. Now though, I am okay with driving to and through the city because of my daughter. Susie loves San Francisco and stayed there for six weeks during July of 2006. That made me go there and take her there and learn the ropes. I still get lost but now with my GPS, I’m fine driving there and it only took half a lifetime to feel comfortable with driving there. Must Sees: The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Palace of Fine Arts, Union Square, the Fairmont Hotel, the Coit Tower, Lombard Street, the Mission District, Golden Gate Park, City Hall, North Beach, and in spite of recent events, the San Francisco Zoo. There’s so many places you must come and stay a good week or plan on coming often! Make sure you take a ride on a Cable Car. Below is a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge that I took just a week ago.


2. Los Angeles~Again, having lived within 20 minutes of Los Angeles, maybe I shouldn’t count it but someone will find it interesting. Make sure you see the birthplace of the city at Olvera Street, Chinatown, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Wilshire Boulevard including the Miracle Mile, the Mark Taper Forum, Hollywood, the Hollywood Bowl, the Kodak Theater, El Capitan Theater, the sidewalk at Mann’s Chinese Theater (formerly Grauman’s), the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Dodger Stadium, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Pier (okay so it’s not L.A. but it is!), and Union Station. There are far too many sites to see in L.A., as in S.F. but get a start, at least!

3. Boston~ As a history buff, this is a must see place. I loved the Freedom Trail and the gilded dome of the Massachusetts State House, the Charles River and views of it from both sides, M.I.T. campus, Harvard campus, the subway, the Museum of Science, and the Children’s Museum. Be sure to allow time to take a drive to Cape Cod, including a stop at Plymouth Plantation and the harbor where you can still see Plymouth Rock!

4. Salem, Massachusetts~The home of the Salem witch trials of the late 1600’s. This is a very picturesque town as are the towns along the drive from Boston. You’ll find it full of history and places you’ve read about. The House of Seven Gables inspired a wonderful novel and you can also visit the birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne. There are numerous places you can visit that are associated with the witch hunt and trials! You’ll have lots of photo ops, too!

5. New York~The first two times I went there were scary because I had no idea where I was in relation to any place else or any place I wanted to go. I had no clue of how to use the subway system. And it was January which in one of those two visits included a big snow storm and being pretty much confined to the hotel. It was the Waldorf so I didn’t complain, though! The third and last time I visited NYC, it was much better. I went with my son and daughter. We planned the trip in advance, got maps and books, and my son took charge of getting us from one place to the other. I got a real feel for the layout of the city and for getting around the place. I even want to go back and for a scaredy cat like me, that’s saying something. What to do? Eat dessert at Serendipity 2, take the ferry to Liberty Island and don’t miss a stop at Ellis Island. The sites in Manhattan are already known to you so I won’t bore you but don’t miss Central Park or Times Square. Be sure to visit SoHo and Greenwich Village. Rockefeller Plaza is a site any time of year but is particularly beautiful during the Christmas season. Okay, I think each of the above places requires a post of their own. Huh! This could put me in posts for a long time! I’m fairly certain that I will return to New York. My youngest daughter loves it there and I have an idea she may end up there, at least for a while. My oldest daughter has not been to New York and I promised I’d take her so I have to make good on that promise. She works for the Fairmont Hotels and they just re-opened the Plaza in NYC as one of their properties so she gets a significant discount. I’m not sure we’d be able to afford it, even with her discount, but maybe for one night! Here’s a picture my daughter took of me looking out the window on the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

me on ferry to liberty island

6. Dallas~Do not leave the city without visiting the site of the JFK assassination at Dealey Plaza. There is a somber, reverent atmosphere as you walk the areas so many of us have seen over and over again as we watch the file footage of the motorcade approaching Dealey Plaza and passing the grassy knoll. If it is still there and open to the public, do not miss the museum called The Sixth Floor. It is in the Texas School Book Depository, where Lee Harvey Oswald sat waiting for the motorcade. Being inside that building and inside the very room where history was made, is an awe inspiring feeling. You will read accounts from every day people, telling how they heard about the assassination and where they were when they heard it, and how they felt. There are large books filled with accounts from people like you and I, that have visited the museum and been moved by it. I still remember the day President Kennedy was murdered. I was in second grade. I’ll have to write a post about that day. The Sixth Floor Museum is a must do – must see! There are amazingly beautiful buildings in the downtown area. The city reeks of money (and oil). I also enjoyed a long, almost full day visit to the Dallas Museum of Art where I saw an exhibit of French Impressionist Art. It was ages ago and I was on my own walking the streets of the city while my ex was in an all day meeting. So I walked and walked and walked and then walked some more! It was wonderful!

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