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Today is the first game in the World Series! My daughter and I will be watching from her home. We’ve prepared for the event with Dodger Dogs (very long hot dogs), sodas, pretzels, beer, and It’s It (a delicious ice cream cookie confection). We no longer have our Dodger t-shirts but we’ll be cheering them on anyway!

Before the game starts, I’m explaining the simple workings of the game to Anderson. I found a seven minute video on youtube that does a pretty good job of the basics so he’ll know what is going on!

In any case, I’ll be thinking about the old days in Los Angeles and the life I left behind when I left there in 2004. Memories. Lots of them.

Crossing fingers. Sending my Dodgers good mojo. And if you are a Houston fan, I hope you have a great time watching the game. As long as it’s a good, clean game, it should be fun!

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That’s how long it as been since the Los Angeles Dodgers made it into the World Series! I remember that series. I lived in Los Angeles. I was married to a die hard sports fan and had myself become a Dodger fan since being in Los Angeles back in the mid 70’s. We used to go to games a couple of times a week, at least. I remember the hey days of the Dodgers with Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Rick Monday, Davey Lopes, Steve Yeager, Dusty Baker, and so many more star players. Wow! They were smokin’ hot in those days.

It has been a long, long time since I’ve been to a Dodger game. I think the last time was around 1994 or so. And it has been even longer since they’ve been to the World Series. Twenty-nine years! So it is about time. I hope they win. It has not even been decided who they will play but I hope they win. If not, well, at least they made it there. Maybe this will start a streak.

For those fans who wanted a different team to go to the series this year, I am sorry that you are disappointed. I hope other fans have not been mean to you. I won’t be. I know how it is when someone else’s team wins and then teases the heck out of the fans of the losing team. So I won’t do it.

I’ll just say, “Go Dodgers!”

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My ex-husband has always been an avid sports fan. He follows baseball, football, and basketball. At least when we were married that was all he followed. Of course he also watched tennis and golf and every other sport on TV, but as for attending games and really following on the radio (ooohhh what’s that?) and TV, it was baseball, football, and basketball. We lived in Los Angeles (Santa Monica to be exact) so we were Dodger fans. He still lives there and is still a huge fan with season tickets and all that. I still love the Dodgers, too.

I remember going to as many games as we could afford. We went in triple digit heat, in rain, in wind; we went all the time! As soon as there was a hint of post season play, he would mail in the postcard to win the chance to buy tickets. And he would use every name he could think of, his, mine, his sister, his niece, his brother-in-law, friends, on those post cards so he would have more chances of winning the right to buy the tickets. One year, I think it was the first year we were married, 1978, he got tickets to the World Series against the Yankees. He invited his father to drive up for the game. It was a huge thing to have his dad come. Hid dad was a big fan too so he really appreciated the chance to go to the game.

So the day of the game arrived. His father drove the three hours that day and was in town in the early afternoon. When the time arrived, off the two went to the game. Then a couple of hours later, I got a phone call. It was from a pay phone (no cell phones then). It was my husband. He was out of breath and upset. I think he called me just to vent because there was nothing I could have done. It seems that his dad was holding the tickets and put them down to buy a program then forgot about the tickets (his dad was elderly, tired from the drive, and excited about the game). When they got to the gate, they had no tickets. They retraced their steps but the tickets were gone. Stadium police were called and because my husband had looked at those tickets so many times since they had arrived in the mail, he had memorized the section and seat numbers. So Stadium Police (and they are definitely Police, not just security, with the right to arrest and their own jail inside the stadium) went to the seats, got the people out of the seats. They didn’t have the right ID. The stadium had a record of who the tickets had been mailed to. So the people that were in the seats were taken away by the Stadium Police and my husband and his dad got to watch the game in their seats.

It’s one of those things that sticks in your mind and pops up every so often. They were lucky that he remembered the seats and had the receipt in the envelope in his pocket to prove he was the rightful owner of the tickets. They missed the first inning and a half but that was okay, they were relieved to be able to enjoy the rest of the game…a World Series game…against the NY Yankees!

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