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If we were having coffee on this Christmas Eve, we would be in Seattle! The weather is much better than when I drove up here yesterday. That was a stressful drive in heavy rain and for a short 50 or so miles, heavy snow! But I’m here!

I am enjoying knowing that my daughter and her family are safe about 40 miles from here with her in-laws. I won’t see them tomorrow. I won’t see them until they go home, probably Tuesday. My other daughter has texted that she’s an hour away. Then I’m here with my son and his family, including 7 month old Mati who is so different now than he was last month when I came up for Thanksgiving! It is tough to believe that he wasn’t with us last year, he’s become so much a part of our lives!

It will be a low-key Christmas. I don’t have to do much but enjoy it and play with the baby! I couldn’t ask for much more than that!

How about you? Where are you? Is all your holiday planning done, leaving you to just mellow out and enjoy? I certainly hope so.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah! Enjoy family and friends and feasting! I’ll be back tomorrow with the story of the night I was born, many Christmasses ago.

I will leave you with links so a couple of favorite Christmas stories from the past:

Stille Nacht

Here Comes Santa Claus

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Why Is It That…

Why is it that a time that should be filled with cheer and laughter; hope and promise; memories and forgiveness; is instead for so many a time of fear and depression; sadness and hopelessness?

I’m kind of in that place right now. I keep looking for things to get better and just as the light begins to show through the end of the tunnel, it disappears and the tunnel lengthens. It’s that kind of time right now. I’m almost scared into hiding from the world but I can’t. I have to move and find some answers.

I know that’s vague but I sort of had to document it here. Sometimes I write things and then I find a way past it. So bear with me and if you get a minute, hold a positive thought for me. I would appreciate it.

If you’re in the mood and have time, here are a couple of links to some of my previous Christmas stories.

Three Strike Christmas

Christmas 1993

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If we were having coffee on this Sunday we would definitely be indoors. While I would like it to be indoors with a window overlooking the still very white surroundings and a warm fireplace with a roaring fire, we probably wouldn’t be able to get there. Yup. The snow is still frozen. The tiny bit of melt that has occurred has refrozen in our sub freezing temperatures. We are supposed to get out of freezing today and tomorrow  we will have what they are calling a probable record rainfall so the snow will be giving way to rain puddles by this time tomorrow, most likely.

I don’t have a good feeling about this week. It should be a week to do last minute preparations and then sit and enjoy the season. I had wanted to sit with my grandsons and maybe make cookies and read to them and watch some Christmas movies but I haven’t seen them since Wednesday. Although they are about a quarter of a mile from me and I usually walk over there, the road here inside the mobile home park where we live is not maintained because it’s private property. That means that I can’t get out of my driveway in the car and the snow out there is so slippery that I can’t walk over there. Tomorrow should be better, even though it will be very wet, at least “better enough” to get over there to see the boys.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading this week. At least for as long as I can. My vision is bad, well beyond bad. So I can’t read for very long before my eyes blur and burn so I have to read in short spurts. I’ve also streamed some movies. I usually go to my tried and true favorites. I watched all of my favorite Christmas movies already. I’ve also watched Divine Secrets Of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood about three times this week and Practical Magic about four times. I’ve watched Serendipity five times. I did do some streaming of new to me titles. I found a show on Netflix that I would recommend. It’s called The Fosters. It’s a show about a family made up of two lesbian women and their children. One of the children is the biological son of one of the women who is a divorced police woman. Two children are adopted, and two others are foster children. There is also the ex-husband of the police woman who is also a police officer and an alcoholic. There is drama and some laughs in the show which tackles a lot of situations that confront the family every day. I’m really enjoying season one.

Another thing I did this week was write about a “snow adventure” that happened in 2006. The memory was triggered by the near miss when my daughter’s car spun out on the snow and we hit a steel fence, barely missing the power pole. It was more than scary and reminded me why I really don’t like driving in the snow. The 2006 incident is posted in two parts. Neither post has gotten more than a handful of views. If you get a minute, head on over and take a look. You can find the posts here and here.

For the rest of this week, I will probably post very short posts which will include links to some of my past Christmas stories. I usually post one each day in December and haven’t done that this year so I will give myself a break from trying to come up with new things and link you to some Christmas memoirs which are special to me. Next Sunday I will post the story about the night I was born sixty-one Christmases ago! Yup, I turn sixty-one on Christmas Day! Hopefully you will come back here and read it!

What is the weather doing where you live? Are you ready for the week ahead? Are you spending time with family and enjoying the season? I sure hope so. Tell me what you’re up to. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Do you have a favorite holiday read?

Stay warm. Be jolly. Enjoy life.

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Read the story that goes with this picture here.


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A Link To Follow

Today I read a post at Red Ravine.  It was by a guest writer, Bob Chrisman, and it was really pretty awesome!  It’s a memoir piece called My Father’s Witness and is a very honest and strong piece of writing, not to mention thought provoking.

I have pieces about family members that I have not yet shared and some that need to be written but probably won’t for a while.  I find it very difficult to write honestly about some of the things that involve other people in my family because I don’t want them to see it and then be hurt by what I write but there is a lot that I need to write and lots that I will share, at some point.  My Father’s Witness hit home and made me think a lot on this, a quiet day here at home, perfect for turning those thoughts over in my head.

I hope you stop by Red Ravine and look around.  It’s a very worthwhile blog to spend some time reading and maybe even writing your own piece after you’ve done some reading there.  In any case, enjoy.

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In Case You Missed It…

I’ve posted a few of my short memoir pieces this month.  Readership has been light so I thought I would put in some links in case you missed some of these.

The Hug … about the only crush I had on a faculty member in high school

Ana Maria … not really memoir but based on stories my mother told me

Dr. Johnson … memoir about my pediatrician

The Long Weekend … yeah, it really happened

And if you are inclined to give a go at a writing prompt, see this post and then this one.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week!

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