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The other night, Anderson’s school had a fundraiser that I volunteered to work. It was a silent auction and a spaghetti dinner. I had to be there at 4:30 for monitoring the silent auction tables. Tina and the boys didn’t come until about 6. When they arrived, Spencer was having a very clingy time. He didn’t want to walk around or sit in the stroller. He wanted to be held in someone’s arms. I thought maybe if I took him for a walk into the gym next door, his mom and dad could eat their dinner and Spencer might want to walk around.

Before they had arrived, I noticed that the lady making balloon animals was doing it for free. The most popular balloon was a sword. All the kids were getting them and running around playing with them. So when I took Spencer to the gym we got in line to get him and his brother a balloon sword. Although we had to stand in line for about twenty minutes, with me holding Spencer (he’s about 38 pounds), it was the best thing that night! When it was our turn, I asked for two balloon swords so we could take one to Anderson. We walked into the cafeteria with the two balloons just as they were walking out so it was perfect!

From that moment on, Spencer stopped being clingy. He got out of my arms and ran with Anderson…and ran…and ran…and laughed and had a great time. THAT made me smile. Watching the boys having a great time and Spencer getting over his clingyness…that was the best!

I don’t usually post pictures of the boys on here, or blurry pictures, but I wanted to share this one with you. The blurriness is evidence of all the fun they had because they didn’t slow down a bit, even for a picture!

balloon swords

Come on over to Trent’s World and share YOUR weekly smile. Was it a book or a song? Was it some memory? Was it a person? A child? Come tell us about your smile this week!

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I was lucky to have smiled a lot this past week! Some of the things that made me smile were text messages that I either sent or received.

The day we had snow here, my daughter and I went out early to get some errands done before the weather got worse. We got gas, ate breakfast, went to Costco, the finished up at Kohl’s. I didn’t have to do any of those things (except eat breakfast). They were all her errands. She wanted company so I followed along. I didn’t have anything to look for or at so I meandered until I found a very nice place to wait for her. Here’s the text message I sent her so she would know where to find me at Kohl’s:



Then, when I was gone to Seattle, I got this message from my daughter that made me smile and go “Awww”:



And yesterday, on the way back from Seattle, I got this message from her:



It’s good to feel wanted! Of course, when I walked in the door to see them, he smiled at me but he wouldn’t come to me. Anderson, however, not only came to me right away but he also said, “I missed you too, Nana. Every day I missed you and I wanted you. I wanted a sleep over with you!”

What made YOU smile this past week? Share your smiles! Check out Trent’s blog and join the weekly link-up to share your smiles and enjoy other smiles!


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